Ever have one of those days when you're tugged in about eight different directions during any given minute? Somehow, I manged a three hour productive period with my manuscript today, and I'm up over 40,000 words now with Broken Pentacle, but wow, what a day.

Running from one thing to the next, juggling family, writing, promotion, kids' appointments, and even basic poodle care, all while trying to keep my characters in my head. Because these guys are hot to talk right now -- the muse is with me and I hear their voices. But I haven't got the time (or energy, at this point in the day) to get it all down at once. Which makes me nuts, because tomorrow the muse might not be with me, and it will be SO much harder if she's not...

Okay, so maybe all writers are borderline maniacs, lol. Or maybe it's just me. But on days like this, when the story's all there, not just mapped out in notes in various notebooks and composition books and partially completed plot outlines, but fresh and real in my head, it's a shame I can't spit it all out in one sitting.

Guess that would be too easy -- book in a day? Then everyone would want to be an author. And who'd buy all the books? So tomorrow, I'll cross my fingers that my muse and I can still hear my characters loud and clear, their individual personalities shining through with force. And if not, I'll write anyway, because I'm one stubborn woman, lol.

For now, back to my manuscript for a bit of editing, to see if what I typed out so fast during those three hot hours today makes any sense...

Happy reading and writing!