well we made it to Pittsburgh and so far the trip is starting out wonderful - NOT.

  • SJ is running a fever and I have a toothache.
  • We forgot to put the box of SJ's books in the car and had to call my mother to rush them to the UPS store and overnight them
  • The parking at the hotel was full so we had to park in a lot down the street
  • It took the bellboy two trips to bring up all the stuff we did remember to bring
  • We left the bag that has the stuff for my tooth in the car, along with the scotch tape that SJ needs to put together his promo stuff
  • Our room sucks - it's small, the carpet is wet, we have 4 tiny drawers for clothes and only a couple of hangers, and they were all out of refrigerators so we're trying to keep SJ's insulin cool in the ice bucket.
But other than that, we're here and hopefully we'll have a better time tomorrow.