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    Default Your favourite cocktail - enquiring minds want to know!

    What is your all time favourite cocktail, and why?

    I haven't tried many so I'd like to see what you all out there thing of them.

    I'm looking forward to hearing your responses!

    Oh and if you don't drink alcohol what is your favourite type of coffee/drink and why?

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    I love to drink a Fruit Tingle cocktail because of the colour it turns where the Blue Curacao is mixed with red cordial.

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    I think that's the one thing that appeals to me about cocktails the most, I just love that you can get so many different colours with them.

    The Fruit Tingle sounds interesting Thanks for sharing!
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    My current favourite drink is Tankhouse Ale.

    I like a good single malt scotch on occasion.

    I'm such a guy.
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    i don't drink a lot but when i was pregnent with Jojo we were in Barnsley and i used to drink Theakstons old pec with lime i'll let you guess some of the things they called me for putting lime in bitter

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    Thanks both of you.

    I like the lime touch Hollie

    I've not got a taste for beer at the moment although I do like a single malt - I've got three different varieties my partner has bought me on the shelf currently. Though apparently I've always loved whiskey.

    As for cocktails well I think I'm going go and explore a list and see how many I can make with the ingredients I have - umm...research

    I'll let you all know how it goes but please carry on with comments and suggestions!

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