The Monster of Florence - Preview and Book Tour Dates!

THE MONSTER OF FLORENCE tells a remarkable and harrowing chronicle of murder, mutilation, suicide, and vengeance—with Preston and Spezi caught in the middle. [more]

Douglas Preston’s new solo novel, Blasphemy, now in bookstores!

The world's biggest supercollider, locked in an Arizona mountain, was built to reveal the secrets of the very moment of creation: the Big Bang itself. [more]

Read two sample chapters from the new Pendergast novel

Join Pendergast and Constance Greene at a remote monastery in Tibet and on the maiden voyage of the Britannia for an Atlantic crossing fraught with terror. [more]

Deep Storm Storms Bestseller List

Linc's brilliant novel, Deep Storm, was just published in paperback and hit the New York Times mass market paperback list at number 8! This is the highest any of our books has ever been in paperback. [more]