The sequel to my Ellora's Cave novel Plagued--the contemporary vampire tale that ventures into Black Plague-ridden England of the fourteenth century--is now available from Changeling Press:

Tormented follows the tribulations of Adin Swift's lovely birth mistress, Rahenna, after she falls prey to a vicious and mysterious affliction apparently delivered by a man from whom she had fed (although, as she later discovers, he wasn't thoroughly human). Whatever toxins he introduced into her bloodstream have resulted in very disturbing behavioral abnormalities. These, in turn, throw some dangerous kinks into an unusual party she's attending. Her fledgling Adin Swift plays a large role, and his friend Jackson Spey also makes an important appearance.

It requires the intervention of an "ancient" vampire, Rugh, to diagnose and treat Rahenna's ailment. And how lucky for her. In addition to being wise and caring, this handsome, magnetic elder is . . . well . . . very good at what he does!