Dawne' Dominique has done an excellent job capturing my three characters in my erotic novella soon to be released through Forbidden Publications!

An eclectic trio of thieves, led by Nina, a sexy, stealthy femme fetale, and her two equally devious male cohorts, Seth and Sam, steal into a downtown department store. Each of them go about their assigned tasks then sneak off to indulge in a little something extra for themselves. Nina’s treat is found in the lingerie department where she happily tries on every slinky thing that catches her eye.>>
After finishing their errands, the boys have taken a side track of their own to the drug store where they are nearly caught stealing Viagra by two unsuspecting guards. As the two thieves come out on top, they come up with a devious plan to play a little prank on their boss. Dressing in the guards clothing they set out in search of the woman, who until now, had been a tolerated cock tease.>>
They get a surprise of their own when they catch Nina unawares looking so good wearing so little. Suddenly their little prank has just reached a whole new level and become just that much naughtier and they see their opportunity to use those very pills that nearly did them in to make her wildest fantasies come true. With a little creative role playing, the three thieves entertain themselves with a game of one blind mouse and two horny cat burglars.