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    Lightbulb Goal list for June-July 2010

    Seeing as I'm tidying, and trying to makes sense of some of the mess I've left in my wake, I figure it's time for another goal list. I find posting them publicly keeps me on track.

    First up, promised work;

    ~The second story to Seamless (another short, sweet, but steamier follow up to Bridgette and Geoff's awkwardly blossoming romance.)

    ~ Tess' Trio, Reader requested follow up to Claiming Cullen.

    ~ Awakening the Blood (2) sort of. I had originally planned to write this as a trilogy, but seeing as Awakening the Blood will be included in a four book print Wings anthology, I will write the next story, and only one, to finish up the tale of paranormal love between Meara and D'iamonte.

    (That concludes my promised work)

    After that I hope to get my (WT short) Nylons finished, along with some YA projects that I have set aside for years.

    ... and waiting to hear back on at least three stories, and one round of edits.
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