No, I'm not fibbing. I have a full-length novel that's been burning a hole through my hard disk for the past few months. So, I've decided to serialise it on my website. That is, you get one chapter a week, on approximately each Wednesday

As senior officer with the Perlim Empire, Cheloi Sie is committed to her mission. Unfortunately, it's not the one the Empire gave her.

War Games is a Space Opera Romance and is about 81,000 words in length. Here is the blurb:
Cheloi Sie is a combat officer. She has been sent to clear and secure one of the most important territories in the latest war with planetary rebels. She is efficient, ruthless, and seemingly invulnerable. She is also hiding a secret big enough to blow the Empire apart.

Koul Grakal-Ski is the man she displaced in the chain of command. His fierce ambition was publicly thwarted by Sie's appointment. He, too, is efficient, ruthless...and looking for revenge.

Garza Yinalna is the woman dropped in the middle. Quick-witted and dexterous, she has her own agenda, but does she have the will to carry it through?

Cheloi, Koul, Garza. A lethal triangle. How far will each go to gain victory over the others? Who will they kill? Who will they save? Who are they really?
If that sounds like something you'd like to read, you can grab the prologue and first chapter at my website.

War Games is under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works licence, which means you can read it, print it, pass it along to friends, put it through a voice synthesiser if you like, but no commercial use, nor derivative works based on the original, are allowed.

Happy reading!