Since it is only a month away that the new charity anthology from Phaze Coming Together: With Pride will be released I thought I would let you all see a little sneak exerpt of my story Freedom To Serve.

It is a very short piece about a couple's exploration into BDSM.

I hope you enjoy!

Freedom to Serve

In the silence that followed the crack of the whip, Jane sighed in pleasure, the kiss of the lashes still tingling throughout her body. She felt Marcus' strong hands gently caressing the welts that marked her now warm buttocks. A finger traced her spine followed by his lips kissing her neck, her body slick with perspiration.

"You did well today, my love"

Jane beamed with happiness at hearing his words and collapsed into his arms as he released the restraints that had been holding her up, her legs no longer able to bear her own weight. He lifted her effortlessly and carried her to the bed.

Nicole Gestalt

I hope you enjoyed!

The following information was taken from the main site:

Coming Together: With Pride is a multi-author anthology of erotic
fiction edited by Alessia Brio. ALL proceeds from the sale of this
volume will benefit AVERT.

Early June 2008 (ebook & print)


Introduction (Will Belegon) | Today (Kally Jo Surbeck) | Raven (James Buchanan) | A Girl's Best and Earthy Things (Heather Fowler)| Don't Look Down (Mari Freeman) | Echoes of the Past (Mychael Black ) | A Brief Discourse... (P.S. Haven) | When the Angels Fall (Helen Madden)| Customer Service (Eon de Beaumont) | Nuit Blanche (Giselle Renarde)| Western Pleasure (Shanna Germain) | Chemistry (Lisabet Sarai) | Fire and Ice (Cassie Exline) | An Early Winter Train (C.Sanchez-Garcia) |Selling Foxx (I.M. Cupnjava) | Be Prepared (Storm Grant) | Freedom to Serve (Nicole Gestalt) | The Personal Is Political (Jean Roberta) |Past Perfect (Alessia Brio) | About Coming Together (Alessia Brio)