What unpublished author doesn't like feedback? None that I know of. This excerpt is from a werewolf novella I've recently finished. I'm thinking of entering it into the Got Wolf contest over at The Wild Rose Press...

And since it is nurses week, I thought this would be the perfect excerpt to put on Coffee Time..

Let me know what you think, my coffee time friends.

"Humph." Janet took in the man's face for the first time. Deep set features with a firm jaw looked back at her. His five o'clock shadow was more like a 7:00 AM shadow, but hell, it was almost 7:00 AM. She opened his eyelids and checked his pupils. When she did she found the deepest blue eyes she had ever scene. Midnight blue was a poor description."
His dark hair, somewhat long in length was well kept. His even tan made her wonder if he spent most of his time on the beach.
No, he defiantly wasn't homeless.
Even his skin held the scent of some exotic cologne. It wasn't something she could point out, but it certainly wasn't 'er de street!'
After checking to make sure his IV was running, Janet went to get one of the ER doctors to take a look.
"Well, let's start with a CT and a full set of labs. Drop a catheter in him and get a UA and drug screen. We'll see what we get then." Dr. Henry followed the same triage assessment she had done before sailing out the door.
Within minutes radiology had the man in CT and Janet stood in the wings waiting for the test to finish.
Jack, the radiology tech, talked through the entire exam. "Damn, did you see the last guy?"
"Yeah, he was completely FUBAR." Janet said while watching John Doe's monitor.
"What's FUBAR?"
Jack glanced over at his trainee and then started to laugh.
"Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition."
The kids face went green with the memory. Janet had to admit, the scene was really horrific. Right out of a Steven King novel.
"Do you think it was an animal attack?"
Janet glanced up from her paperwork and shook her head. "Had to be, but I'm not sure what kind of animal."
"Looked like a dog to me. Probably a Pit." Jack tapped buttons on the massive keyboard in front of him. Images of John Doe's skull appeared.
"I don't think it was a dog. The bites were deeper and more vicious. Besides, if he'd been mauled by a dog I would have started sneezing the minute he came in the department." Janet's allergy to dog's was well known in the Emergency Room. Whoever worked triage knew not to give her patients who had run-ins with biting dogs.
Jack scanned the pictures and shrugged his shoulders. "I don't see anything."
"Let's get him back to his room. I need to get a Foley in him before day shift arrives. I don't need them bitching about me leaving work for them."
Alone with her patient, Janet grabbed the catheter kit and placed it on the bed. She closed the curtain to insure privacy for her patient. Not that he would complain he was still completely out.
She tossed back the covers and took the time to dress the man in a hospital gown. The stranger was built. Tan, muscular and good lord his package was something to be reckoned with. Janet didn't make a habit out of really noticing her patients 'packages', in fact, she couldn't remember ever really looking before. Okay, maybe she looked, but she never ogled. But this man was worth ogling.
Embarrassed with where her eyes were drawn, she opened the Foley catheter kit and prepared to insert the tube into the man's penis. It was a good thing he was out, she could only imagine being caught staring at the man's body. How unprofessional.
Gloved up, she lifted his penis and lubed the end. Out of habit she murmured, "This is going to hurt you, more than me."
A strong voice from the top of the bed stopped her mid stride. "Don't you think I should know your name first?"
Shocked, Janet let out a little shriek. Her grip tightened on the mans body, her eyes shot up to his face. Deep blue eyes swirled and sparkled with a hidden smile, yet his lips remained in a thin line.
She opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out.
"Well?" he asked his voice thick and drawn out.
"The doctor needs a urine sample," Janet blurted out.
John Doe's eyes traveled to his private parts. In that second Janet felt his penis twitch and start to harden. "Oh, God!"