1.Promotion Workshop

a.Promotion – Shameless or Smart?

Learn the In's and outs of promoting online and offline and how much time to devote to each. Remember, the Internet is your friend.

When is the best time to start promoting your book? The best time to start marketing your book is before it's released.

If you think all you have to do as an author is to write your books, think again. You'll be spending a good part of your time marketing your book. That is, unless you have $3,000, $5,000, $10,000 – for a publicist to do the majority of the work for you. Read that carefully. The “majority” of the work. There are still promotion responsibilities for you to handle.

Publishers aren’t going to do all the marketing you – it’s just not in their budgets.

Are you afraid to toot your own horn? Are you too modest to talk about yourself?
Did your mother always tell you that it was impolite to brag?

Get over it.

I’m going to help you get over your shyness and help you learn the ins and outs of promoting online and offline and hopefully some innovative ways to promote yourselves and your books.