I just finished reading Joy Nash's DEEP MAGIC and loved it. She has a knack for making her paranormal elements seem entirely plausible within the framework of the venerable Arthurian legend. I totally bought the shape-shifting and magic she wove into her tale. DEEP MAGIC is the best of both historical and paranormal--a deft marriage of both.

I think what makes it work so well is that her paranormal elements are so intrinsic to the characters. They believe so deeply I have to as well. Joy does a brilliant job of pitting Light and Dark spiritual powers against each other along with the inscrutable DEEP MAGIC that no mortal can wield with certainty of the outcome. Her story works in all the worlds.

DISTRACTING THE DUCHESS, "Wickedly witty!"~ Booklist
PLEASURING THE PIRATE, "Steamy . . . arrg!" ~ The Boston Globe