Here's an excerpt from my story, Curse of Brandon Lupinus, which is out in print today as part of the Midnight Treat anthology.The other two stories are both paranormal as well. One features a gargoyle and the other a vampire. Here's the purchase link.

Curse of Brandon Lupinus
by Shelley Munro


Walk the ghostly world. Howl at the moon.

Jess Whittlebury purchases Tavistock Manor to convert into a quaint, English bed and breakfast, but the manor comes with a resident—a werewolf ghost who steps right into her dreams, investing them with erotic toe-tingling pleasures, laughter and passion. Jess doesn’t believe in supernatural creatures but her dreams are certainly memorable and very realistic—and she’s decided to enjoy them for all she’s worth.

Alone Brandon Lupinus until need forces you to act, as a decent man should.

Since the day a witch cursed him, Brandon Lupinus has walked alone, tied to Tavistock, his ancestral home. Jess’ arrival brings unexpected changes—corporeal changes. For the first time in centuries Brandon experiences passionate, unbridled sex that ignites his ghostly world with new possibilities. New problems. Brandon is no longer alone but he still can’t seem to break his curse and offer Jess the future she deserves. Until fate steps in in an unexpected way…


Brandon watched the woman for most of the day, content to lie beneath a gooseberry bush during the morning, enjoying the heat of the sun in his wolf form. When she returned indoors, he shifted and slipped through the closed door, albeit painfully, to tiptoe after her. After hours of studying her at work, he was filled with admiration. She worked hard without appearing to tire. The woman was large and solid compared to the females of his time. A wide smile bloomed. But not overweight as he knew from his intimate explorations last night. She was much taller, almost as tall as he, a fact Brandon liked since he wouldn’t suffer from a crick in his neck when he kissed her. Not that it mattered when a couple was horizontal, but he enjoyed variety when it came to sex. Indoors. Outdoors. Standing. Sitting. Reclining. Yes, variety was good.

His thoughts shifted to his new status. Although his body was less transparent, the woman didn’t appear to notice or sense his presence. The curse wasn’t broken but maybe a trifle bent? He hoped so. It was when they’d made love that the changes in his transparency and ease of communication had occurred. Brandon stood and wandered across to where the woman squatted, removing books from his bookcase and stacking them neatly in boxes after dusting them with enough vigor to send dust motes dancing through the air. His nose wrinkled when dust billowed in his face. It wouldn’t do to sneeze and scare the woman. Brandon wished he knew her name. A quick search of paperwork had only yielded an envelope bearing the name J. Whittlebury, which didn’t tell him much. Tonight. Ah tonight, he’d ask before he thrust into her tight pussy and he’d come with her name on his lips.

Brandon shuddered, his cock reacting to his licentious thoughts. He glanced out the window at the rapidly approaching dusk. Already the shrubs were mere shadows against the darkening sky.

The woman paused to rotate her shoulders and pressed her hands to the small of her back. She checked the timepiece on her wrist before continuing to remove the last of the books from the shelves.

Brandon stepped closer and blew a stream of air over the tender skin of her neck. To his disappointment, she didn’t react. But all was not lost. Her scent enveloped him—a mixture of green leaves from her work in the garden and a hint of citrus from the soap she used to cleanse her body. Delectable. In another test, he tugged on an errant curl. She jerked her head, pulling her hair from between his fingers. Grinning, he did it again. This time she slapped at her head as if an insect troubled her. Her hand went right through his wrist and sent a jolt of desire coursing straight to his balls. The air whistled through his teeth. God’s teeth, that was unexpected.

He swept his hand over the placket of his breeches, his touch intensifying the burning arousal that assailed him. Brandon longed to take her in his arms and kiss her thoroughly. The need to strip off the ugly boy clothes she wore and bare her silken limbs was almost too much for him. His hands fisted at his sides and he swore. Bloody curse. Brandon stalked away from the woman and away from temptation. Gut instinct told him he needed to wait.

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