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Here is my press release.

CONTACT: Melanie Rutan
Romance Author

Local Author Releases Second Novel

Melanie Rutan, a local romance author, has released her second novel, A Love That Lasts, a romantic/mystery. A Love That Lasts is published by Champagne Books.

Her debut novel, In Walks Love, was released in April 2005 by Publish America.
Melanie Rutan is one of the romance genre’s newest and most promising authors. Her fun, fast paced story and likeable characters will keep you turning the page. To learn more about Melanie, you can visit her at www.melanierutan.com

Readers can purchase A Love That Lasts as an E-book startingJune 1stonline at, www.champagnebooks.com. The paperback will be released July 1st and can be purchased and Barnes & Noble, http://www.barnesandnoble.com, Fictionwise, www.fictionwise.com

"Local"...is good for a local paper.

However, you can find a better hook than "second novel" for your title. That's not going to get your PR read and kept.

You want to hook the reader of your PR so that you grab their interest and give them a reason to want to interview you or print your PR.

Use your background, the research you did to write your book, or even the story background.

Interview yourself. Or, interview a character in your book.

Get quotes, by using pieces of your early reviews. Put them in your PR.

See the examples of PR's in the notes I've given.