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    Default Press Kits

    Press Kits

    This leads into putting together a press kit

    A press kit doesn’t have to be anything more than a 2 pocket folder containing anything and everything about you and your book

    You send it out to local newspapers, radio stations, magazines, and anyone else you think can help promote you and your book

    Every sheet of paper in the press kit should have your name, phone number, and e-mail address. This way, if any of the papers get separated from the press kit, they can be easily identified.

    Your letterhead should include the title, author name, publisher, price, page count, ISBN, URL, and contact information. – use a PO box. Don’t use your actual address – be cautious. If you can’t afford a PO box, see if you can go in on one with several authors.

    Besides the press release, the press kit should contain:

    A black & white (you can use color but it can get expensive and newspapers need black and white) photo of your (approx 5 x 7) – not just any ol’ picture, either. A professional head shot. Check out the pictures of authors in books and on author websites.

    It doesn't have to be expensive. If you have a friend who's a good photographer great. You can go to Glamour shots. They don’t just do the boudoir shots, they do great professional shots. If you know of a reputable photo studio, work with them for professional shots. Get the rights to the photos you want to use for your book and on your website.

    Other items to include in your Press Kit

    Sales information
    Publisher information
    Interview questions / answers
    Flyers from past book signings
    Articles you’ve written
    Schedule of future book signings/speaking engagements
    Pitch letter (cover letter)
    And, if you want to, any novelty item that ties into your book (for example, if your hero/heroine has a cat that features prominently in the story, (cozy mysteries) you can put in a cat shaped note pad)

    Also put in your press kit any of the other promo items that you may have chosen to purchase or make

    Business cards

    Use annoying fonts
    Use outrageous colors on the folder or the paper – NO NEON

    TIP – make sure to convert everything you create for your press kit to HTML so you can put it on your website.

    Give your press kit to local book stores & libraries
    Contact the Friends of the Library and see if you can speak at the next meeting, donate a book

    TIP – travel on a regular basis? Check out the local libraries and book stores on your route. Stop and give them a press kit. You might be able to schedule a book signing at one of them! See if they’ll stock your book or donate a book to the library.
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