1.Press Releases
Check to see if your publisher sends out press releases about every book they publish.

Who do you send PR to?

a.Newspapers, especially local papers
b.TV & radio talk shows
c.Online PR centers
e.Anywhere and everywhere that gives you the opportunity to brag about yourself and your book
f.Books stores check your local bookstores and see if they have a local author section if so, suggest they purchase 3-5 copies of your book for their section; schedule a book signing
g.Trade shows
h.Book fairs
i.American Booksellers Association
j.High school and college alma maters for their newsletters

What do you include on a Press Release?

Follow the 5 Ws
Book title and statistical information (publisher, release date, format, # of pages, genre, cost, ISBN, etc)
Cover image
Review blurbs
Author bio
Contact information for publisher and for author
Ordering information

We'll talk more about press releases later in another segment.