1.Press Releases
Check to see if your publisher sends out press releases about every book they publish.

Who do you send PR to?

a.Newspapers, especially local papers
b.TV & radio talk shows
c.Online PR centers
e.Anywhere and everywhere that gives you the opportunity to brag about yourself and your book
f.Books stores – check your local bookstores and see if they have a local author section – if so, suggest they purchase 3-5 copies of your book for their section; schedule a book signing
g.Trade shows
h.Book fairs
i.American Booksellers Association
j.High school and college alma maters for their newsletters

What do you include on a Press Release?

Follow the 5 W’s
Book title and statistical information (publisher, release date, format, # of pages, genre, cost, ISBN, etc)
Cover image
Review blurbs
Author bio
Contact information – for publisher and for author
Ordering information

We'll talk more about press releases later in another segment.