Author: Lori Derby Bingley ISBN: 1897261799 10/2006 MYSTERY Publisher: CHAMPAGNE BOOKS

Tahlia Edwards is a top advertising executive known for her tough exterior and no nonsense attitude. No one knows the secret she hides; how her father was accused of killing her fiancé, before losing his own life to an unidentified attacker.

Jake Randall has been hired to find the truth behind Tahlia’s father’s death. Not only does he keep his employer’s identity to himself, he forces Tahlia to return to her home town and face the past she tried so hard to leave behind. As they uncover a private confession made by her father, voicing unimaginable truths, she fights not only a killer who has targeted her life, but the love Jake offers her that promises to finally set her free.


Lori Derby Bingley’s newest release is called THE CONFESSION. I will tell you that it is definitely a seat-gripper and a page-turner. Once you start reading it, you will not be able to put it down! Without a doubt, it’s a very good read,

THE CONFESSION tells the story of advertising executive Tahlia Edwards and her haunting past. For years, she has tried to put her deadly past behind her and build a new life; until now, everything was normal. Out-of-the-blue comes sexy private detective Jake Randall, ready to make Tahlia face her past and uncover what happened on that fateful Christmas Eve night. Soon after his arrival, her own life is in danger and she is forced to trust Jake, even though she knows he’s harboring secrets from her past.

Jake can’t help but keep secrets from Tahlia—and the most important of them being who hired him. When Tahlia decides to visit her childhood house, he accompanies her, and that is when this story kicks into high gear! It doesn’t take long for Jake and Tahlia to become involved and for her to begin to put her faith in him. However, as the mystery of the death of her father and boyfriend begin to unravel, her trust and faith in Jake is questioned.

I found Lori Derby Bingley’s THE CONFESSION to be a well-written and very intelligent romantic mystery. The characters and plot development complimented each other perfectly; one didn’t overpower the other. The times when Tahlia had flashbacks didn't hinder the continuity of the story one bit. All I can say is, Bingley definitely wrote a story worthy of a Four Rose Read!

Mystery readers and romance readers alike will find THE CONFESSION to their liking. It’s a definite recommended read and one that I’m sure you will like as much as I did!

Julie Kornhausl