I'm a very happy little writer this week, because I got a contract for Broken Pentacle, the sequel to Nature's Pentacle. The tentative release date is sometime around the end of August.

Broken Pentacle was my biggest challenge yet to write, because Sky was one of the antagonists in Nature's Pentacle, and because both Sky and Alec were hurt horribly at the end of Nature's Pentacle, so they had a lot of healing to do. Of all my stories, Alec and Sky are absolutely my favorite characters, because of their strength in recovering from past hurts, and Sky's determination to make right the huge mistakes she made in the last book. I'm also madly in love with Zach, their no nonsense ex-cop bodyguard, and the third member of the menage.

I've spent the past couple days trying to come up with blurbs (never my favorite thing), so I'll try them out here Short blurb first:

Seeking justice and revenge, Sky, Alec and Zach race to find a rogue witch before he claims more blood sacrifices. Hunted by the rogue’s followers, they turn to a scorching ménage to augment their power, but only love can heal their hearts.

And now the long blurb:

After a year spent recuperating from a rogue witch’s attack, Sky agrees to draw Jaimis — her former lover, torturer, and rapist — out of hiding, determined to discover the identity of his followers before they subject others to the hell she suffered. With her magic shattered from the trauma, she needs to rediscover her sensual nature before she reclaims her gifts. Hesitant to trust, she didn’t plan on bonding with one witch, let alone two. But if premonitions prove true, the key to healing and survival lies within a scorching ménage.

Alec blames himself for failing to protect Sky when the rogue witch left them close to death, and he’ll do anything to see Jaimis dead. During interludes when they’re not scrambling to stay one step ahead of death spells or human thugs, Alec strives to reawaken Sky’s sexual nature, eager to help mend her broken magic. He entices her into sexy baths, making love under the pines, and erotic desserts in which he coats her with honey and fruit. But when Sky and Zach, their bodyguard and Alec’s former lover, turn the tables and put Alec on the menu, he’s ill equipped to let his guard down and accept their tantalizing ministrations.

As Alec struggles to overcome the violence and loss in his past, his deepening bond with Sky and renewed affection for Zach pull him into a web of conflicting loyalties and attachments. And yet to survive what lies ahead, the three of them must pull together in a tangle of bodies, hearts, and magic, combining power and passion.

Hope everyone's having a great week!