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    Default Sniffing Out Perfume Lovers...

    Good morning...

    Some of you are probably enjoying your first cup of coffee of the day, savoring its fragrant aroma...

    Since my Romance/Women's Fiction novel, UNDERLYING NOTES, is driven by fragrance addiction, I thought I'd drift along this current ^^^^^^^

    "Carla Matteo's fragrance addiction numbs the pain of her father's tragic death, wards off the sting of a severed adolescent friendship, fortifies her against the stench of employment inside her husband's waste management company on land purported to have been swindled by her shady father-in-law, and wafts through fantasies of having a fling with hubby's paesano.

    Fragrance addiction offers incentive for Carla to find her own niche in the Second Act of Life, while the ominous rose note in Paloma Picasso forces her to confront a troubled past."

    In fact, TIME reporter Jeninne Lee-St. John interviewed me for her article, "Scents and Sensitivity" which appears in the March 17th of '08 issue:,00.html

    You might say my own fascination with fragrance developed during childhood at first sniff from the Southern Belle atomizer on my mother's bureau.....m-m-m. Over the years this fascination became an obsession where I've amassed numerous 'glass goddesses' for my collection. My current fave is Elizabeth Taylor's "Gardenia." Most naturally, Paloma Picasso is vying for my attention.

    UNDERLYING NOTES stirs an Atlantic breeze as the reader navigates past Rhode Island's affluent coastal communities, prominent landmarks, cherished institutions, and olive oil spills of the underworld. Its plot is as multilayered as the fragrances Carla wears to permeate back stories that illuminate the present and surrender underlying secrets one morsel at a time.

    UNDERLYING NOTES by Eva Pasco may be purchased:

    Currently, what fragrant breeze are you stirring in your wake?

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