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The Kandy Shoppe

A broken freezer in her old-fashioned ice cream parlor isn't the only reason things are heating up in The Kandy Shoppe. Jason's been waiting for his second chance with Kandy for years while she's been hiding behind her frozen assets. A little melting ice cream, a lot of red-hot desire and dessert may take on a whole new meaning.


The timbre of his voice wrapped around her heart like a pair of vice grips. She slowly inhaled to keep the pressure from building in her chest and looked at the front door to see the line forming outside. She looked at the floor, at her once-white sneakers and then at the wall – anywhere but at Jason. "I don’t have time to date right now. The shop takes up most of my time."

"All the more reason you need me to take you out." He shook his head, scratched his tanned neck and pushed himself off the freezer. As she watched him approach her from across the small shop, her lips twitched with every stride he took. She sucked in a ragged breath and tried not to choke. In the blink of an eye, he stood in front of her.

He reached out and gently pushed the hair away from her eyes. "I’ll go check the truck for those parts, but if you don’t come up with a better excuse while I’m gone, you’re not getting out of dinner this time."

Six-foot-two, chocolate brown eyes, and one sweet ass swaggered out the front door on his way to the truck. Kandy ran to the broken freezer, lifted the glass cover and shoved her head inside in the hopes of cooling off at least a portion of her overheated body before he came back. Resisting him was getting harder and harder. Why couldn’t Tom ever be on call? Married with two kids, he’d fix her freezer and leave.

Lord, how she wanted to go on that date with Jason. In her dreams she felt his hands on her body, heating her skin until she burned for him, until every inch of her ached – just like now. Then she’d wake up and remember the real Jason Chapman, not the dream lover, but the man who’d had his chance and humiliated her. The one who never seemed to get the hint that they could never be a couple.

Obviously her body hadn’t gotten the message. Her brain told her to stay away from him, but her panties still dampened with one sidelong look from him.

With her head in the freezer, she inhaled the warm air and wished it were freezing like it should be. Then her eyes took in the unwelcome sight of melting ice cream. Her life had been reduced to melted profits. She was doomed.

"Dish me up a bowl of that strawberry while you’re down there. I hate to see it all go to waste."

She lifted her head and sighed. "How about I trade you all this strawberry ice cream for a new freezer?" She gave him a sweet smile, knowing every red-blooded woman in town past puberty used their sexy smiles on him, hoping for more than just an adorable dimpled smile in return. Everyone except her.

"If it would mean not having to fix this relic week after week, you’d have to offer me a little more than ice cream. Fortunately, I’ve got a few suggestions."

Her head snapped up so fast she thought she might faint. Was he offering her a new freezer? She’d probably have to sell her soul. Or worse, have dinner with him. "I’m not having dinner with you, Jason."

"I’m willing to negotiate."

The truth was, her desire for Jason Chapman ran so deep, she wouldn’t dare give him a second chance. She couldn’t trust herself not to do something she’d regret forever. Like force him to screw her and put her out of her misery once and for all. Sure, the first time he’d used some lame excuse about her virginity. What excuse could he use this time?

Blood pounded in her ears and her heart jumped. Even through narrowed eyes she recognized the desire in his stare. Any idiot could tell by the way he adjusted his jeans what he had in mind. Well, she wasn’t a virgin anymore, but could she fuck for a freezer?