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Undressing in the bathroom was nerve-wracking for me. It really shouldn’t have been, but then Harold had only seen me in skimpy costumes before. I slipped on a robe and high heels. I kept reminding myself this was strictly professional, but my body was saying otherwise.>>
There was music playing and I recognized my favorite instrumental CD. My heartbeat picked up a little more. I took a couple of deep breaths as I walked closer to the simple structure. The three-panel box looked sturdy even with wheels on the bottom.>>
“So, what’s with the robe?”>>
“I didn’t feel like giving the whole neighborhood something more to talk about,” I said with as much as confidence as I could muster.>>
Harold just nodded his head. I noticed he’d undressed down to his boxers. Oh, boy, I thought, but somehow it slipped out of my mouth before I could cover it.>>
“You all right?”>>
I nodded, taking one last deep breath, and untied my robe, standing still while it fell to the ground. A low whistle came from Harold, but I couldn’t meet his gaze. A cold breeze swept by me and my nipples tightened. Warm hands grasped my head and I looked up to meet Harold’s eyes. I saw such love and compassion in them. His face got closer to mine. When our lips touched, it was unlike any other kiss I’d experienced. My arms went around his neck and his chest hair only made my nipples react more.>>
I was shocked that Harold would make such a bold move, yet pleased at the same time. I wasn’t sure if I could have done that. Not exactly how I thought our first kiss would be, I thought to myself. The kiss ended too soon, and I could tell Harold had reluctantly done so.>>