I should have posted this, sorry lol. Here is the excerpt for Pinky Swear by Jewel Adams

Jewel Adams

For the past half-hour, Tanner sat watching the play of emotions crossing the girl’s face. That she wasn’t aware of his scrutiny didn’t startle him. “Trouble as deep and as wide as a canyon.”
Yeah, that’s what he saw in her. Common sense said to stay away, and yet Tanner seemed to be having a hell of a time listening to the warnings.
She wasn't exactly a raving beauty. Tanner figured most men would walk past without really noticing her. He liked women that could mount a horse without a stool. She might reach his shoulder…on tiptoe. And her nose, like a young girl’s, small, or maybe it was just that those honey brown eyes were surrounded by brightest coppery lashes that matched her long hair. He owned a mare at his ranch with that color coat, all shiny and sleek. So thick, he wondered what it would feel like falling through his fingers.
Shifting uneasily in his seat, his booted feet crossed over each other as he stretched out his long legs. He tried to pull his intent gaze away from her, but found he didn’t really put much strain on himself to succeed.
His eyes followed the line of soft facial features. She looked like the type to let trapped flies out the screen door. Nicely proportioned, rather thin and too pale, probably worked inside and never went out in the sun. “Burns easily, I’d stake Jedadiah on it.”
Thinking of his stallion, he didn’t think she’d ever been on a horse; city bred was written all over her. “Definitely not your type, Tanner, besides she’s too young.”
He figured she couldn’t be much over twenty-four. At thirty-nine, Tanner made it a rule not to get involved with the young ones. They still carried stars in their eyes. The happily ever after kind and Tanner walked well passed that stage in his life.
But, when the baby started crying, Tanner found he couldn’t look away. He’d never seen a mother so skittish with a baby. Damn, what was it about her?...