Our very own Editor-In-Chief, Emma Wayne Porter will be holding workshops for Lynn Veil's Left Behind and Loving It conference series!

Here is the breakdown of dates and topics:

Monday, July 28: Intro and Step 1 of Self-Editing

She値l introduce the dubious joy that is self-editing and show you the first tier of issues requiring attention.

Tuesday, July 29: Step 2 of Self-Editing

Tier II self-editing issues

Wednesday, July 30: Step 3 of Self-Editing

Tier III issues and Stupid Word Tricks.

Thursday, July 31: Track Changes: The Ins and Outs

She値l show you how it works and how it can work for you

Friday, August 1: Track Changes: The Aches and Pains
She'll show you how it doesn稚 work, and more ways you can minimize the agony.

The workshops will be help on her blog. Located Here: http://emmawayneporter.com/blog/