Aubrey Leatherwood is an author that loves language and the way it can be used to communicate the beauty of physical sensation. She adores the body and the way it interacts with… well... other bodies. She is also fascinated by the mind and its power. As a result her characters are always intensely physical but intensely cerebral beings as well. Frequently, they possess an awkwardness or nuance that endears them to the reader.

Aubrey has been a sci-fi, fantasy, and horror fan since she learned to read, so she frequently enjoys adding hints of the paranormal and metaphysical into her work though it remains primarily romantic in nature. She also enjoys converting world mythology into contemporary stories. Most recently, she finished a story loosely based on the Greek myth of Philomela and Procne.

Writing since she could hold a pen, Aubrey is prolific with her work and typically has about six or seven stories or novels going at once. Her first erotic piece was published November 1, 2007 at Dark Eden Press. She is now writing for Lyrical Press and anxious to get plenty more of her work out to the masses. That does include some of her fantasy and horror work, but her focus is still romance and erotica.

Her current release is The People You Know, The Sex They Have. Learn more about it here.

What’s Aubrey reading right now? She always has Black Water: The Flamingo Anthology of Fantastic Literature on her nightstand.

Aubrey lives in Florida where she works, spends time with family and friends, watches all things sports related, and writes.

Thank you for stopping by! -- Aub