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    Default It's A Wonderful Fright

    I'm pleased to announce that I'm in the upcoming Liquid Silver Books anthology - "Halloween Treats!" Anyone who knows me, knows Halloween is like a religious holiday to me, so I couldn't be more excited!

    Here's the full roster:

    It's A Wonderful Fright - Veronica Wilde
    Familiar Magic - AJ Hampton
    Zombies Are People Too - Tiffany Aaron

    Based on the blurbs over at Liquid Silver, I can tell you the other stories sound as fantastic as their titles promise.

    And here's the blurb for my story, which as you may have guessed is a Halloween re-telling of It's A Wonderful Life.

    Willow's always been a good witch... until a bad witch hexes her sex life on Halloween.

    Now she's ready to throw her old life away for the thrill of working dark magic on every man she desires. To convince her otherwise, a pair of ghostly guides gives her a taste of life as a cruel and sexy hex mistress - a life of necromancy, debauchery and some very submissive male slaves. But when Willow falls for the one man she can't have in her new world, she realizes her old life was a wonderful fright indeed.

    Veronica Wilde
    Hollywood Ghosts - out now from Liquid Silver Books!
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    congratulations Veronica

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    Now that it's October, I'm posting the gorgeous cover... Whee!

    This may be my favorite cover ever... it totally captures the romance of a moonlit autumn night. Love it!
    Veronica Wilde
    Hollywood Ghosts - out now from Liquid Silver Books!
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    Default Excerpt!

    Here's an excerpt in which Willow has crossed into an alternate world in which she is a very bad witch indeed....

    Willow shuddered and headed inside the old Victorian. Here was the Witch’s Ball, her favorite party of the year. All she had to do was show her face, remind George and Elspeth that she’d fulfilled her part of their bargain, then head up to the magical divining mirror to return to her rightful world. But the scene before her brought her to a dead halt.

    In the flickering glow of a dozen pumpkins, naked bodies were writhing, caressing each other, or kneeling before someone’s spread legs. A dark, moody music played in the background, adding a diabolical ambience to the party. It was as if she’d walked into a demonic horror film. As her eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness, she recognized several faces and blushed deeply. Certainly she had never intended on seeing one of her customers burying his head between another woman’s legs or Nina from her own coven wincing as she bent over for a masked man…

    She whirled around. “This is not the Witches’ Ball,” she hissed at her ghosts. “This is an orgy!”

    “Of course it is,” George said emotionlessly. “You wanted it that way, Willow."

    “No, no! I love sex but I would never treat it like some cheap and sleazy entertainment!” For that was what truly bothered her in the torchlit scene around her: the faces around her reflected not lust, love and ecstasy but rather emptiness and desperation. It sickened her.

    Someone pulled nervously at her elbow. “Willow, I hate to bother you but I need more of your potion. I know you said you’re out but I’ll pay anything, I swear. Please, I can’t get through Halloween without it…”

    Oh Goddess, not the potion again. How revolting to think she had turned her apothecary skills toward making addictive drugs in this world. “I don’t have anything,” she said tersely. “Leave me alone.”

    A look of fear crossed the young man’s face and he melted away.

    Her name sounded in her own ear like dark, melting honey. She knew that voice. She turned to find herself bathed in the warmth of Drake Morgan’s beautiful smile.

    Drake looked even more forebodingly handsome in this world. All of her misgivings deserted her as he slipped his arm around her and led her out of the room. “I’ve been waiting for you,” he murmured, biting her earlobe. “All night long.” He pushed down her leather bustier and cupped her exposed breasts.

    She quickly turned her back to the crowd and laughed nervously. “Uh, Drake, there are people around…”

    “So? You love being watched. You’re such a show-off, Willow. That’s what I like about you.” He casually unhooked her bustier, stripping her naked to the waist.

    Willow gasped, shocked at the naughty sensation of being topless in public. Normally she was so modest and shy, even with boyfriends. But Drake pulled her back against him and delivered a necklace of hot, deep kisses across her throat. His fingers traced light circles around her rapidly stiffening nipples as everyone watched. Gradually she began to relax.

    “Let me lick you,” he whispered in her ear. “Give me a taste of that beautiful pussy I’ve been craving all night.”

    The thought of Drake’s tongue moving inside her flooded her cheeks with a burning flush. Could she really do this? After all, this was an alternate world. Nothing she did here could follow her back home. “Lead the way,” she whispered back.

    He gave her an odd look. “Um, Willow – don’t you want to lead the way? You always tell me where to go.”

    She paused. She definitely was not good at this bad Willow thing – it was almost being like another person. How bossy was she? “Then surprise me,” she commanded.

    That seemed to satisfy him. He led her through the house, each room featuring different erotic scenes. One room was full of mattresses, another a dungeon of shackles and restraints. In another room a nude woman on a swing entertained a crowd of admirers. All the while, guests turned to tell Willow she looked beautiful, nervously ask after her well-being, or offer her a drink.

    Everyone here is afraid of me, Willow thought. Even more than Lucretia!

    It all seemed so silly. Sweet, innocent Willow Van Doren, so helpful in her apothecary shop, was now an object of terror.

    All of the rooms were dark, lit only by flickering candles, and smelled of sex, alcohol and lubricant. At last they passed from the house. The withered leaf-strew back yard of the old mansion was now a stunning garden of stone statues and a reflection pond, a crooked yew tree extending its branches to the moon. The biting October night was cold on her bare breasts but she was too excited to receive Drake’s mouth again to care. He led her past the copulating couples of the garden and around the side of the yew tree. Then he kissed her very gently and looked in her eyes, surprising her.

    “Willow, it is an honor to be your slave,” he told her quietly and sank to his knees.

    Slave? she repeated to herself with silent mortification. He had to be kidding, right? So far she had learned that in this world she was a grave-robber, necromancer and occult drug-dealer. If she found out she possessed sex slaves as well, she wasn’t sure she could handle it.

    Then Drake stripped off his shirt before her. In the light of the moon she could see a series of small tattoos across his chest and as she leaned closer, she could see they were letters spelling her name.

    Oh good Goddess. Drake had actually gotten her name tattooed on his chest. “Uh – Drake, hold on.”

    Too late. He tugged her skirt down to her feet, rendering her completely naked and shivering in the October chill except for her spike-heeled boots. Yet as his dark eyes pierced hers, a deep flush of arousal permeated all of her body. At that moment she forgot that she was bad Willow and this was only happening because of her dark spellwork. She only knew that she had Drake Morgan kneeling before her and the anticipation of their sex to come blocked out every sensation but the warm excitement spreading through her pussy...
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    Veronica Wilde
    Hollywood Ghosts - out now from Liquid Silver Books!
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    Wow!! The cover is beautiful and that excerpt was awesome!!

    Do you have a date for it's release?
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    No... not yet. Maybe the Monday before Halloween? That'd be my guess.

    April really outdid herself with that cover. It's so romantic and Halloweeny at the same time.
    Veronica Wilde
    Hollywood Ghosts - out now from Liquid Silver Books!

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