Hi Annette,

I currently have two books available at New Concepts Publishing. Mortal Illusions is my vampire romance, and Deadly Enchantment is a shape-shifting wizard story set in Victorian England.

If you like to browse the web and look at fun things, pop on over to my virtual home on the internet, which I can assure you is a lot cleaner than my real home in Ohio, but then we won't talk about that.

The web address is www.KathrynRBlake.com

I love to hear from readers, so if you're interested in a teaser or some promo items, just click one of the e-mail links on my site and request "Goodies." I'm just a trifle behind in my mailings (only say about 3 months or so), but go ahead and send me your info and as soon as I can catch my breath, I'll send off some promo items to yu.

Hope you visit and write again soon.