I was sent this review from a friend who saw it posted in her group. It's not live on the site yet, so I'm not sure what the rules are about posting it officially, but I am so beside myself thrilled I had to share.

It's a gold star review from Just Erotic Romance Reviews and I'm honored beyond belief just for that reason, but this book is incredibly close to my heart and I had a ridiculous number of ups and downs on the road to publishing it, that every word Mahaira said is like the most exquisite gift I could receive.

See, this book, this is what I write. I have so much fun writing the short, hot, sexy stuff, but when I turn out a story like this one, I feel like I fulfilled a little piece of my destiny. It hits deeper, it means something. I said when I was promoting this book, this one was special and to see it appreciated by someone, means more then I (the writer lol) can express properly.

Okay, I'll shut up now...here's the review. :D

The Day They Met

Despite having everything, Jack Sinclaire craves passion and spontaneity in his life. A drab mundane existence was never his goal and feels quite lost when he has no one to share his dreams with. One look at Emma Hallowell at the Orange County Animal Shelter and color rushes back into his surroundings and his life. There is definitely something magical about the day they meet but how is he going to convince Emma to forget her previous existence and accept his love?

Ms. Lucas stole my breath with incredibly endearing wonderful characters, a fast paced storyline and a surprise ending. This book has everything I look for and want in a romance novel. It is clear that Emma is seeking refuge from her past and has loads of baggage. It is just amazing how she finds the inner strength to break free of all the restrictions that seem to weigh her soul down. She surprises everyone during the story. Jack has to be applauded for being a support pillar and a gentleman. He clearly astonished me with his thoughts and feelings about romance, marriage and family life. I was never a believer in love at first sight but Jack convinced me that the feeling erupts from within and strikes individuals on its own accord. The pull is instant and the chemistry between them is sizzling. The relationship just blooms right in front of your eyes and sometimes you have to pinch yourself to bring yourself back to reality. Though both characters are no strangers to sex, their joining is almost sacred as love is evident in every move. The finely-written and sensitive plot makes this Ms. Lucas’ most emotionally driven novel yet! The story is ingeniously written complete with a shock that knocked my socks off! What makes The Day They Met deserving of the Gold Star Award is its skillful mixture of emotions, suspense, romance, betrayal, revenge and unbound love. That would seem to be too much to tackle in a tale but I found it all in the right balance here. Be prepared to go on an emotional roller coaster ride with The Day They Met!

Mahaira Fatima
Just Erotic Romance Reviews