A lot of things goin' on, so here are some updates:

* All That Is Right, a kind of "dream-come-true" NON-erotic fairy tale, is currently available from MojoCastle Press:
http://www.mojocastle.com/KZ/snow.html . You can read a longer excerpt at my blog: http://kzsnow.blogspot.com .

* Loose Id has just accepted the first book in a planned futuristic urban fantasy series tentatively titled Utopia-X. The kick-off novel, Looking for Some Touch, features a professional male prostitute who writes poetry . . . and a sadistic, wannabe Dom . . . and some peculiar but HOT men . . . and a mysterious disappearance . . . and (did I mention this?) some freakin' HOT MEN. I should be doing edits soon.

* Gray Man, a sensual ghost story with a lovely ending, is coming August 22 from Changeling Press. Although the following purchase page isn't "active" yet, you can still read the blurb: http://www.changelingpress.com/produ...=book&ubid=969 .

* Five Angels for Elevator Magic. Chris P. at Fallen Angel Reviews wrote the following about my first Changeling release:http://www.fallenangelreviews.com/2008/July/ChrisP-ElevatorMagic.htm. And don't forget about Tormented and Obsessed, my other two Changeling stories, featuring characters who first appeared in Plagued.

* Guest Blogging. I'll be the guest blogger at Loose Id author Jeanne Barrack's spot, "The Sweet Flag" (http://thesweetflagmenlove.blogspot.com/) on August 27. Jeanne has and will continue to have an impressive array of opinionated peeps who write M/M fiction--speculative, paranormal, mystery, historical. Her roster includes Emily Veinglory and Josh Lanyon, so I'd say I'm in excellent company!

* September 19 is the release date for Prince of Glacier Glas, the Ellora's Cave fantasy that follows Wing and Tongue and Cauldron of Keridwen. This is a BIG one, so if you enjoy erotic fantasy, keep on the lookout!

* What better way to celebrate Halloween than with a big, rich, sweet, juicy piece of candy? Well, I'm offering one via Changeling Press. They'll release Boolicious on October 17.

I know I'm missing something, but I'll catch up with you again soon!