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Hi all Welcome to yet another news update
September sees the release of Beneath a Rising Moon and Beneath a Darkening Moon in the UK and Australia. These titles are still available in the US through ImaJinn, but it's nice that we'll finally see them on shelves elsewhere! The Nikki and Michael series will be the next lot of UK releases, with the first two books--Dancing with the Devil and Hearts in Darkness--coming out in December.

Contest News
I've currently got two contests up and running on my website. The first features a Destiny Kills ARC, and the second signed copies of Beneath a Rising Moon and Beneath a Darkening Moon. Both contests also have the usual array of chocolate and Tim Tams accompanying them. Head on over to my website for more details.

More Writing News Deadly Desire has moved into the line editing stage, and everything is on track for the March release. There's no word yet on the title for the 8th book, but the current working titles are A Killer's Kiss, Death's Seduction, and Hunted Heart. I'm leaning towards title number one, but we'll see what the powers that be at Bantam say. Of course, they may hate all three and I'll have to think of something else. J
Mercy Burns, the sequel to Destiny Kills, has been finished, but as this book isn't yet contracted, I can't give you a release date.
Wolfsbane and Mistletoe, the anthology edited by Charlaine Harris and Toni L P Kelner, recently received its first review from Romantic Times--and got 4 stars. Which is pretty damn cool J. The book comes out in hardcover in October. I think the paperback will be released in 2009. It features my first ever Christmas story--and yes, it's completely new characters.

Until next time, play safe everyone!

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