Okay, I've presented a lot of information, but learning becomes much more concrete when it is practiced and reinforced, so it is time for the first exercise.

In the workshops I've taught up to this point I think it is safe to say that most of the learning came from the exercise portion of the workshop.

I encourage you to post your own exercise. I will be going over them a few each day. We will stop here...no new lecture/lesson portions for a few days while we practice what we've already covered.

Don't despair. We've still only scratched the surface. Once we're all feeling comfy with the material presented so far I'll be back to talk about using deep point of view in dialogue, how deep point of view can help you work with flawed characters, and how deep point of view can kick the sexual tension in your novel up by more than a few degrees regardless of the sensuality level you are writing.

Even if you are strapped for time and do not have time to participate by posting an exercise, I would encourage you to read the exercises and mark ups posted by others. Many past workshop participants learned a great deal from this portion of the workshop.

So...here's what I want for this exercise.
  • I want one paragraph
  • I want it to be a descriptive scene...where the physical location is described
  • I want it to incorporate at a minimum three of the four parts of the character's reality (mental, emotional, physical)
  • I want the vantage point of the narrator to be inside the viewpoint character.