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"The Bet" by Raquel Mulgrew (of Literotica reknown)

A couple whose long time friendship suddenly and irrevocably changes all because of a bet they make together. Things start off innocently enough but soon the circumstances take the two places they never imagined they'd go.

"Somebody's Watching" by Veronica Blaque

Isabella and Tiana have danced around their attraction to one another for months. Once Tiana finally accepts Isabella's invitation to dinner, each finds that they have both participated in "peeping" at the other during their most intimate moments.

"Sunday" by Kaia Bennett (a.k.a TangledinYou)

When good girl Gia and bad boy Flynn are forced to work on a project for their psychology class, they quickly learn that they share something in common – a mutual hatred that makes it almost impossible to be in the same room together. But all it takes is one explosive Sunday and an attraction that runs too deep to ignore to turn their worlds – and the way they see each other - upside down.

"Of Witches and Wolves" a Paranormal Anthology by Allmine and Rileigh St. James

Authors Allmine and Rileigh St James offer you three paranormal IR tales of passion, drama, and love-type things in their first anthology, Of Witches and Wolves. Here, they weave stories of longing and sacrifice, of love lost and wisdom gained.

"Trackers" by Rileigh St. James

A female alpha finds her family, her pack, and her very way of life threatened, she must protect them at all costs, even if it's from a past love...

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