September rocks because (1.) the kids go back to school and (2.) it's like an open invitation for me to run wild through the school supply aisle!

I'm a sucker for colored markers, highlighters, sharpies, etc. Then again, I love the paper/pad aisle and the clips! I could spend all day picking out post-it notes and binder clips. And those big striped paper clips - how fun are those?

But some reason, I can't pass the date book aisle without stopping and touching every size, shape and style! I have a Palm...why I feel the pull of the datebooks, calendars and agendas is beyond me. I'm addicted to the flowery refill pages, the to-do lists, the mini-zippered pouches - damn all those accessories!

So before I go completely bonkers and work myself into a frenzy that only be cured by ANOTHER trip to the local Staples...

I've got a contest for you! My daughter and I made some pretty book thongs, I've got brand new bookmarks for The Kandy Shoppe and I've got some fun fall-themed scrapbooking sticker sheets to give away. To win one of my prize packets all you have to do is comment here - What's your favorite school supply and why.

That's it. Have fun and the winning post will be drawn randomly on October 1st.

(Want to increase your chance of winning? Head over to my Blog and comment there too!)

Good luck!