Hi All,

Well I've decided maybe I need to make this scavenger hunt easier! LOL I will leave all the clues up for the entire month of September, that way everyone can come and visit when they can. Secondly the clues are for small images that I'm placing throughout my website for you to find. At the end of the month I will draw a name from the list of who got all 30 answers correct and that person will win a pair of Native American beaded earrings designed and created by me!

Here are all the clues for the first 4 days, I apologize for being late with two of these but I've been working on a project. Good luck! :-)

Clue for September 1st: I have a wide smile and I love free reads.
Clue for September 2nd: I'm a sophisticated lady from the past, and the press always wants to interview me.
Clue for September 3rd: I have curly hair and my face is raised to the moon, even though I'm a fantasy character, I love watching movies.
Clue for September 4th: You'll see something unusual peeking out of my blond hair. I like reading about destiny.

Have Fun!