Spicing Up Her Marriage, Taking Her Friend's Advice and It's Just a Job

Three sexy stories in one print volume!

Book One - Spicing Up Her Marriage
Madison Holloway wants to spice up her marriage, so she asks her friend for a little advice and is shocked when the other girl mentions that spanking might be just the thing. How could spanking be fun? she wonders. After witnessing her friend get a spanking, however, Madison is so intrigued that she decides she wants to try it herself. Now there’s just one problem. How is she going to get her husband, Trent, to spank her? There has to be a better way than coming out and asking for one, right?

Book Two - Taking Her Friend`s Advice
Beautiful redhead Kaelyn Radcliff falls head over heels for Holt McCall, the guy that her best friend, Madison, has set her up with. But there’s a problem when it quickly becomes apparent that Holt wants to put her over his knee and spank her! The whole thing just seems a little too kinky for Kaelyn’s conservative tastes. But after some convincing on the part of her new boyfriend - and on the advice of her friend - she finally agrees to give it a try, if for no other reason than to get Holt to drop the whole subject. She certainly won’t like spanking, so getting one seems like just a formality. However, she quickly discovers that while her head has decided spanking isn`t for her, her bottom has ideas of its own. Which one will win out? And will she have the courage to take her friend’s advice and admit to both her boyfriend, and herself, what she’s really feeling?

Book Three - It`s Just a Job
Book editor Brooke Fontaine decides to quit her job at a major publisher to become a full-time novelist. She moves back to Seattle and starts writing. But even with the help of her friend, Kaelyn, she discovers her money isn’t stretching as far as she had hoped it would, so when Kaelyn mentions she knows a guy who needs a model for a photo shoot, she jumps at it. The money will be great and the job will leave her lots of time to work on her novel. There’s just one hitch. The photos are for a spanking publication, and Alex Cunningham, the gorgeous guy who hires her, has no idea that she’s never been spanked before! But Brooke should be able to fake it. After all, how hard can it be? Things become more complicated, however, when she discovers that not only does she enjoy the spankings a lot more than she thought she would, but that she’s also starting to fall for the guy who’s giving them to her. Suddenly, it starts to become more than just a job.

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