Kayla and the Rancher

When men were men, and bottoms were warm!

Rancher Cord Holderness needs a wife, but with few prospects in the Wyoming Territory, he decides that the only way to find a well-bred young lady is to get a mail-order bride. However, the girl that’s supposed to be his mail-order bride gets cold feet and leaves it up to her new friend, Kayla Mathison, to tell him that she’s changed her mind.

But when the handsome rancher assumes that the fiercely independent and stubborn Kayla is his mail-order bride, she finds herself going along with it. Running from an arranged marriage herself, and desperately in need of funds to get herself to San Francisco, she decides to lead Cord on so that she can get the money she needs from him. As the days turn into weeks, however, she finds that neither the money nor San Francisco interest her as much as they once did, especially when Cord starts putting her over his knee and spanking her whenever she becomes a little too willful for his liking. Much to her surprise, she discovers that she’s fallen in love with him and his spankings.

Life on the ranch gets even more complicated when a ruthless land baron wants to take over every piece of grazing land in the territory, including Cord’s, and will do anything to get it. Then, as if that weren’t enough, Kayla’s very determined fiancé comes to town looking for her.

But Kayla has built this relationship with Cord by letting him think that she’s someone else, and she can only hope that Cord loves her enough to forgive her when he find out she’s not really his mail-order bride.

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