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    Default Visiting Authors

    Authors (both published and unpublished) post your excerpts here. Post a purchase link plus your website link. At the start of your excerpt tell the readers what the genre of the excerpt is, if it's available for purchase and the sensuality level. M/m excerpts are welcome. Just post a warning so readers who don't care for this genre aren't taken by surprise.

    If you have any questions or if you have trouble posting email me at

    Post away!
    Are you up to PAR?
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    Thanks for the invite, Shelley. Here's a two day sneak peak at Winning Bess One of September's sapphire gem novella's. Its release date is Sept 19 at Ellora's Cave. You'll Find it on our book page then...
    Winning Bess is an erotic historical romance set in five points NYC in the Mid 1840's.

    1847 Ireland was a place of hardship and devastation, and Bess and her father wouldn’t have been able to escape without Colm Devaney. But Bess’ feelings for Colm go well beyond gratitude. Now they find themselves together in an immigrant neighborhood in New York City, sharing a cramped shack. And Bess wants to get even closer.

    Three things aid Colm’s survival—a small bit of savings, his ready fists and his desperate desire to have Bess…in every way possible. Every night he spends in their close quarters, trying to force himself not to peek at her luscious body as she bathes, is pure torture. The few stolen minutes of passion they finally share are heavenly, but leave them both fraught for more. More determined than ever to win Bess and take her far from their dirty, dangerous life, Colm sets his eye on another prize—an exquisite sapphire that goes to the winner of the fiercest prizefight in Five Points.

    The breath stole from her lungs as Colm stepped from the coach, his clothes all disheveled. The coach continued on. The woman inside looked out as if she were the cat that ate the canary. >>
    Bess knew she had no claims on the man, that as long as her da refused him, Colm would make no advances. It hurt to see him leaving a woman’s company… especially–her hands went to her hips and she glared—an Englishwoman. “Colm Devaney!”

    “Bess? What are ye doing…” He watched the coach turn the corner then looked down at his clothes.

    Bess groaned in frustration and stormed back into the park.

    “Bess, wait, ‘tis not what it looks like,” he called as he rushed after her.

    “’Tis none of my business!” she yelled, both at him and to remind herself.

    “Damn fucking English!” she heard him mutter. “Would you wait. It’s not safe to walk the park alone.” He ran up behind her and pulled her to a stop.

    She shrugged his hand away. “Stay away from the likes of O’Boyle. Doncha lower yourself, Bess.” She mimicked one of his tirades. “Then you go and…” She pointed toward the street.

    “It was nothing like that.” He took her basket from her.

    “Didna look like nothing. Nothin’ gets your clothes all mussed?” She stormed off the path onto the grass.

    “I was in a fight with Pol at O’Regan's.” He caught up with her. “The woman offered me a paying fight. I’m gonna be fighting for the sapphire.”

    “Colm, ye canna.” She turned and faced him for the first time. Fear gripped at her heart.

    “You’ve been cryin’?” He lifted her chin and studied her face. His jaw clenched. “What happened? Why were you coming from the park when I got here?”

    She tried to turn away. He wouldn’t let her. The tree behind her kept her from backing away. She lifted her chin.

    “I had to go to the chemist before he closed to get more tonic for da.” Her chin trembled. “Oh Colm, he raised the price. It took all me money to get it. Then, O’Boyle said it would probably go up again…”

    “O’Boyle was there?”

    She nodded. “I have no money to give you and your cousins.” She didn’t care if she had to steal for the medicine. It was Colm and what O’Boyle would do to win the fight she worried about now.

    “It’s all right, there’s no need to make any promises to O’Boyle. We have plenty.” He pulled gold coins from his pocket. “Down payment for the fight.”

    “I canna be takin’ your blood money! O’Boyle’s man will be fightin ya. He intends ta make sure he wins. He wants it as much as he wants…”

    “You?” Anger radiated from him. She stepped back against the tree. ”Is that what he told you in the shop?”

    “At least he’s not afraid te say it,” she snapped.

    “You want me to say it? Fine. I want to win this fight for more reasons than you know and yes, Bess, damn it, I want ye, too.”

    He was so close, the warmth of his breath brushed her face. Her heart raced. He looked at her as if he wanted to kiss her. Her body trembled. It was not from the fear he would kiss her. It was from the fear he wouldn’t. Her body ached with the need of him. “Colm, damn it, kiss—”

    His lips crushed hers, silencing her as he pulled her into his arms. She whimpered as the pressure softened, and his tongue ran over her lips, begging for entrance that she eagerly gave. Her tongue followed his lead and she tasted his mouth. Whiskey never tasted so good. He pressed her closer, his hands running over her back. She felt the hard length of his cock pressing into her belly. She slipped her hands around his back and pressed him closer to her. He groaned into her mouth. The place between her legs clenched with want and throbbed. Her breasts felt full and her nipples tingled. Her body wanted more than this.

    His hand slid along her waist and cupped the rounded side of her breast. His thumb moved between them and passed over her nipple. She inhaled the air from his lungs as sensations jolted from it to her belly. She rocked her hips forward, needed to press into him more. She didn’t want him to stop, even as she felt the first raindrops fall.
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    Default Waving Hi!

    Hi Shelley! Thanks for the invite.

    Fox's Bride is a Cerridwen Press release. It is currently available here:

    Here's the blurb:

    Being married to a woman halfway around the world has its advantages — except when that woman is a pirate.

    Lord William Foxton wants his wife and will do anything to protect her from those who want to see her hanged for piracy and those who want the plantation in Montego Bay and his wife for their own.

    Lady Madeline Foxton, the Dread Pirate Captain Meg, will do anything to save as many slaves as she can, constantly putting her life at risk. She decides she's had enough, but the Commodore of the King's Navy decides Captain Meg will not be allowed to simply disappear. He will see Madeline Middleton hanged for piracy, no matter who he has to kill to get her there.

    And the excerpt:

    She turned her back on the man she just threw overboard. She was laughing to herself as she casually cleaned and reloaded her pistol. She put the pistol back into her holster and then faced her captives, the mirth all gone. Her face stern, her cold eyes trained on them. What would those grey eyes look like glazed with passion?

    Fox shook his head, he couldn’t believe the was thinking these thoughts about a pirate—a pirate who should, for all intents and purposes, hang from the gallows. He had been at sea far too long, he needed a woman, and he needed one soon.

    “As you can see, I do not tolerate disobedience. If you all cooperate and remove your valuables I will spare your lives.” She motioned to John and the men stepped forward with bags in their hands.

    Fox cursed as he removed his cuff links and his family signet ring. He saw that the pirates who went below decks were ushering passengers and crew upstairs, including his valet who looked visibly shaken and highly affronted.

    “I tried to stop them my lord, but they sacked all your trunks.”

    Captain Meg turned to him then, overhearing his valet address him by his rank. She smiled cunningly as she looked him up and down.

    “Well, well, a lord of the realm here on this ship.” She bowed with a flourish and several of her crew, including John, laughed. “Maybe I should ransom you to your relatives.”

    Fox scoffed. “You could but they’ll never pay. I’m an outcast my dear.”

    She cocked her eyebrow, seemingly intrigued by his response.

    “Tsk, tsk and what about your poor wife? I’m sure she would be lost without you.”

    “You can try her, she is quite wealthy. Although, you may find her hesitant, she’s never met me.”

    “Ha, I find that hard to believe.” Captain Meg unsheathed her rapier and pointed it at his heart. “Her name my lord, or I will run you through.”

    Fox smirked, thoroughly enjoying his repartee with this enchanting vixen.

    “Happy to oblige my dear. My wife is Lady Madeline Foxton of The Coral Reef plantation in Montego Bay.

    Captain Meg’s eyes flew open in horror and she quickly turned away. Fox was confused by her response.

    “Sorry, did I say something to offend?”

    She turned around abruptly, the blunt end of her pistol raised, his last thoughts before all went black was, why was she angry?

    © Amy Ruttan, 2008
    All Rights Reserved
    Thanks for letting me play Shelley! In the words of Arnie "I'll be back."

    In fact I'm chatting over in the latte lounge with the Moonglade Authors. I'm talking about my new series being released with Linden Bay in 2009.

    Amy Ruttan
    Endless Passion, Timeless Romance

    Enemy Enchantress Now Available
    Sorceress from the Sea Now Available
    Healer of the Heart Now Available

    Available Now from Ellora's Cave
    Masque of Desire
    Oh Yum! Love Thy Neighbor
    Rain God
    Hard Candy
    Fox's Bride
    Gladiator's Revenge

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    The Fire Still Burns (Romantic Suspense)
    by Crystal-Rain Love
    available now at:
    (mild sensuality, consummated love scene "sweet")

    Brynn Harlow left town in disgrace, her only sin protecting the man she loved from the ultimate betrayal. Adam Good knew the meaning of heartache. He'd suffered through it for years after Brynn ripped his heart out and left him with only bitter memories and unanswered questions.

    Now circumstances have brought Brynn home and she's assigned an arson case alongside Adam. The two must overcome their past to work together and find an arsonist who killed Adam's brother. But along with her son, Brynn has brought home a secret so powerful it could destroy both men she loves, and herself.


    She tore off the hard hat he’d given her and threw it at his face. With his right hand, he caught it before it hit her target and turned to toss it into the back of his truck. Then he faced her and took a step forward.
    She took two steps back.

    “Brynn…” He didn’t know what to say. It would take at least an hour to make it back to the station on foot. By then, it would be dark and he didn’t want her walking alone at night.

    Something churned inside him, something large and uncontrollable, some primitive desire to hold and protect her despite what she had done. Damn it, she was his once and he still remembered the taste of her.

    Without thought, he closed the distance between them and gave into his primitive urge to taste her again. Roughly, he sealed her mouth with his own, fighting off her protest by forcing his tongue between her soft lips, opening her to his invasion.

    She broke free, shoving at his chest until his hold broke, and unsuspecting such anger, he was blindsided by a jab to the left temple. His head jerked to the side, and she brought a knee to his groin before he could recover. His body doubled over, reacting to the blow. Sharp little rocks ground into his knees as they met the hard dirt road.

    “Dream on, Adam,” she said viciously while she ran from him. “You’ll never hurt me again!”

    He heard his truck start and cursed himself for leaving the keys in the ignition. Running after her was impossible, the pain ricocheting through his groin as he struggled to breathe kept him from moving. She had damn near sent his balls careening into his throat. He tried to call out for her, but couldn’t find his voice. He realized it was too late anyway as a cloud of dirt blew over him.

    She had just stolen his truck.

    Alternate 1st chapter available at
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    Coming this November from Sapphire Blue Publishing, A DESPERADO FOR CHRISTMAS from Vijaya Schartz.

    Rookie Border Patrol Agent Kaitlin Harrington hates Christmas and all men, since her lover jilted her, and she lost her unborn child on Christmas Eve. This year, she guards the Mexican border in southern Arizona, but little does she know that her life is about to change forever. No amount of training prepared Kaitlin to arrest the gorgeous desperado who challenges her. His name is Miguel, and on this dangerous adventure through the Arizona desert, on the most magical of nights, anything can and will happen...

    At the light dribble of sliding gravel, she dropped the cell and reached for the Beretta at her belt. Drawing, she turned around, her back safely to the Hummer. Her heart faltered as she held the firearm with two hands. "Sweet Mother of God!" She gasped at her target.

    Apollo himself couldn’t have looked more handsome in the moonlight. Muscles rippled on the smooth torso beneath the open denim jacket as he held up his hands, jostling the backpack on his shoulder. Under glossy black hair that fell over his forehead, the dark gaze of the Latino man burned with intense fire. He pinned her under his stare, as if trying to say something important but no words came out. He looked unarmed, strong yet nonthreatening. Wasn’t he cold without a shirt? No, his forehead glistened with sweat. He must have been running but seemed hardly short of breath.

    Fascinated, Kaitlin found it difficult to think. But who other than an illegal would roam the desert on Christmas eve? He didn’t look afraid. That couldn’t be good. He stood quietly there, waiting. For what? His friends? The memory of the group she spotted came to mind, but she heard nothing move in her immediate vicinity. How on earth was she supposed to arrest this coyote? Wrestle him to the ground? Somehow, the thought conjured appealing images.

    Astounded by her sensual musings, Kaitlin realized she hadn’t felt that way in a long time. Although the gorgeous man looked unarmed, he probably concealed a knife or a small handgun. Staring back at him, Kaitlin hoped she looked fierce, like a predator hypnotizing her prey. She slowly moved forward.

    The distinctive cocking of two automatic weapons snapped in the silence from behind the vehicle, disturbingly close. Kaitlin froze and a shiver ran up her spine. She’d made a mistake by leaving the protection of the Hummer.

    You can win this story by entering a contest on my website at: Just click on CONTEST on the left.

    Vijaya Schartz
    Award-winning Sci-Fi
    Girls with Guns & Romance with a Kick
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    Ooh, some awesome excerpts. Thanks for popping by. I hope you'll come again and post more excerpts!!

    Are you up to PAR?
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    How many alien assassins tracking her down does one fangirl need?

    by Cynthianna
    Length: Novel (Humor, Science Fiction)
    Price: 5.99
    ISBN: 1-60180-075-4

    The man...the magic...the movie? Screwball romantic-comedy meets the world of Doctor Who fandom. Cici Connor's life will never be the same when she takes John Smith, a mysterious Brit, into her bed and her life begins to change... possibly for the better. After all, how many alien assassins tracking her does one girl need?

    An Excerpt from Loving Who:

    That's how it all began. A week later, 'John Smith' sat next to me on my slate-blue sofa with a bowl of microwave popcorn balanced on his lap. His eyes seemed glued to the TV screen as if it was the most wonderful invention to come to St. Louis since the introduction of microwaveable toasted ravioli.

    “The crazy things that bloke gets up to,” he murmured as the credits began to roll on the third episode of the latest series. “Quite unbelievable at times.”

    I laughed. “That's why it's called science fiction. It sure the heck isn't science fact.”
    Suddenly those big brown eyes of his bore into mine. “You enjoy studying the sciences, don't you?”

    I swallowed hard. How did he know? I nodded automatically. “Yeah, sure I do. I didn't get a chance to study any science in depth in college, but I've always had a layperson's fascination with all things astronomical.”

    “Yes, I noticed your Amateur Astronomer certificate on the wall when we came in. It hangs beside the bookshelf containing an astrolabe, a year's worth of Sky and Telescope, and the hardback edition of Stephen Hawking's' A Complete History of Time.”
    Whoa. This John Smith was much more observant that I had credited him. Here I thought for the last three hours he'd been simply enjoying my TiVoed episodes of Doctor Who. Instead, he'd been scoping out my apartment.

    “You know what an astrolabe is?” I wondered aloud. Most of my friends had mistaken it for an unsually shaped, miniature telescope.

    He frowned, puzzled. “Of course I know what an astrolabe is.”

    A chill raced down my spine. Perhaps bringing this handsome stranger home hadn't been such a good idea after all…

    “Is your fascination with the heavens why you've become such a fanatic over a television program about a time traveler?” he asked.

    I blinked, but still I found myself glued to the spot. “Partly. Mostly it's pure escapism for me. I have to have something in life that will rescue me from this dreary existence occasionally. Doctor Who is a godsend.”

    “Even when it went off the air for a decade?”

    “Even then. There were the books, the conventions, the awful TV movie and the fans. The fans are the best. I've met a lot of lovely Doctor Who fans over the years. They've cheered me up enormously when I was down and out between jobs and husbands. When Southwestern Bell transferred me here from Dallas I didn't know a soul, but the local fans soon became my family. I'm not alone in the universe as long as I know there are others out there who like the same thing I do.”

    “Hmm.” He scratched his chin thoughtfully. He seemed to be seriously contemplating my heartfelt disclosure. “Then why do you frequent dodgy establishments such as the place I found you in earlier today?”

    I blushed and averted my gaze. It was time to spill the beans, to let him in on the underlying motivation for bringing him back to my place. I suddenly felt ashamed of my actions. I opened my mouth to speak, but no words came out.

    “Cici? Is there something you'd like to tell me?”

    His voice sounded soft, yet demanding. He placed a hand under my chin and tilted my face until his penetrating eyes meet mine once more. My heart began to race and my breathing became ragged. His prying eyes continued to probe the depths of my soul. Every fiber of my being burned with a desire to make a clean start of our relationship.

    “Okay, you caught me,” I confessed with a sigh. “We need you to star in our fan film. You're a dead ringer for the Doctor. My plan involved kidnapping and seducing you, forcing you to stay in town for a while so we could film our friend Sammy's screenplay. He's terminally ill. We want him to see his movie idea made before he passes on. That's all. I promise.

    Loving Who… available at Mojocastle Press:

    Boldly going where no one genre has gone before!
    When you least expect it, romance happens! Cynthianna--contemporary, comedic & fantasy romances

    Boldly going where no one genre has gone before... Celine Chatillon--sf/fantasy/dark & comedic erotic-romances
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    Just Finished Reading: Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews
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    Great excerpt, and I love the title.

    Are you up to PAR?
    Provocative. Adventurous. Risque.

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    Default Salvaged - Romantic suspense

    by J.S. Marlo
    available at:

    Star Fisher refuses to let the scar marring her face dictate her choices or the dreams haunting her nights affect her life. A skilled underwater investigator, she is hired as a scuba diver in an underwater salvage operation.

    Captivated by the feisty young woman who shares little resemblance with his glamorous conquests, captain Hauk Ludvikson struggles against his attraction as they explore a century-old relic linked to the unsolved disappearance of a rich heiress.

    With danger lurking under and above the water line, Star fights for her future—a future she may not salvage twice.


    “Star Fisher?”

    “And you are?”

    He leaned one shoulder against the wall and scrutinized the feisty blond diver. “Hauk Ludvikson. I talked to Dylan and he told me you investigate wrecks for a living.”

    “I mostly investigate vehicles that are dumped in lakes and rivers for insurance scams.”

    His right hand swept through thin air in front of him, urging her to elaborate.

    “That’s it, Ludvikson.” Turning away from him, she resumed her packing in silence.

    Low-cut jeans tightly hugged her hips and a black midriff shirt exposed her slender waist. For a moment, his imagination ran away from him, and he pictured a pirate flag with a skull and crossbones tattooed on her lower back.

    He approached and gripped the open locker door. “Not fond of details, are you?”

    Her muscular shoulders rose and fell in a shrug of indifference.

    “Do you extract the vehicle or do you inspect it under water?” he insisted.

    She shook her head and blond waves danced around her neck. “Why the interest?” From the top shelf, Fisher pulled out a plush, purple shark that she shoved in the side pocket of her bag.

    “I run a salvage operation, and I’m looking to hire a new diver.”

    She zipped the pocket before she turned to meet his gaze. Her nose twitched as she seemed to ponder her answer—unless she doubted his intentions. “In most cases, the water is too deep or the vehicle is too far from the shore to justify the cost of retrieval, so I inspect it under water.” A lock of hair dangled in front of her eyes, and she tucked it behind her ear. “Once in a blue moon, the damages match the story given by the owner, but usually the accident is staged.”

    Faced with an empty locker, he let go of the door. “Doesn’t the owner dispute your findings?”

    A smile curved her lips. “They can argue or bribe as much as they want, Ludvikson, it won’t change the facts.”

    Spirited and confident, qualities he sought in a diver. “I have a job for you.”

    “Thank you, but I already have a job.”

    She dismissed him just as quickly as he’d earlier dismissed the idea of employing a woman. The poetic justice left a sour taste in his mouth. “Think about it. I’ll be waiting for you in the parking lot.”

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