I am looking for a book that is about people here on earth that have developed special powers over the years and this one starts off with a guy who is holding his wife and kid hostage in his own home while he goes slowly insane (from someone with these special powers who has touched him) and a cop from the local area (female main character) is called in and working the negotiation.

The guy (male main character) is called in because he works for the government in these types of sitautions.

The crazy guy in the house touches the female copy and activates her latent powers and the Man Male character takes her away because her powers are becoming active.

He takes her to this underground facility and she actually has the power to 'see' the aliens that have inhabited their bodies (in a good way) which have given the people their power. The main guy who runs the cave..he has 2 of these aliens and they attack her to kill her because they know she can see them.

it is driving me crazy. Does this sound familiar?