Hi Everyone,
I am Melanie and I'm proud to be a member of the Champagne family.
My book A Love That Lasts was released in June and is available where ever books are sold.

Here is an excerpt, I hope you enjoy it.

Maggie blinked as harsh, bright light flooded the trunk. She squinted up into Quinn’s face and was surprised to see the way it had changed. His eyebrows pulled close together, making him seem to squint. He had his mouth drawn back, in what resembled a snarl, like a cougar about to attack. When she first met him, she thought him attractive; not handsome, but not bad looking. The man bending over her now didn’t look like that man. With each second that passed, Maggie feared she would never see her family again.

Now, the anger that seemed to be building inside him made him look ugly. His mouse brown hair stood out all over his head as if he had been pulling on it. Lines she hadn’t noticed before seemed to cover his face like deep scars. If she wasn’t mistaken, he was emitting a low growl. What was wrong with this man, and what had she done to provoke this kind of anger?

Reaching in the trunk, he pulled out an old rag that reminded her of the oil checking rags her father had in his garage. To her horror, Quinn leaned forward, grabbed her head, and blindfolded her.
“You don’t need to see where we are. This is my secret place, and I’m afraid if you see, you’ll know where we are. It’s not as if you’re going to get away, but one can’t be too careful. I’m good at keeping secrets, are you?” he asked, laughing. Only it wasn’t a laugh of merriment, it was a laugh of pure insanity.

He heaved her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and started walking. “I bought this old place a few years ago. I couldn’t believe my luck, finding someplace so remote. It had no running water or electricity, so I rented some equipment, dug a well, and installed a pump to get it running. The water heater was a bitch to get up here, but with muscle, I made it. Now, the electricity was a little harder. I mean, how do you run power lines without anyone knowing? Do you know what I mean? So instead, I bought a gas-powered generator.
Sometimes, a man needs a private place, somewhere he can go to sort things out and get his head together. Then there are times he needs a quiet place for an occasion like this one.”

Maggie had no idea where she was. He had driven around for hours, and for all she knew, they could be in Scotland by now. Thankfully, he had tied her hands in front of her. That had allowed her access to her front pockets and her cell phone. It had taken some effort but she had managed to work her phone out of her pocket. With the push of one speed dial button, her call was connected. Hearing her father’s voice had ignited a well of emotions, causing her to sob. She wasn’t sure he was able to understand her with the gag in her mouth. Still, hearing his voice calmed her. Even if she never saw him again, at least she had heard his voice one last time and told him she loved him.

The world seemed to tip as he descended a winding staircase. After what seemed several minutes, he stood her on her feet. It was true what they said about ‘if you lose one sense, the others take over’. He had blindfolded her, so she wasn’t able to see what he was doing, but her hearing became more acute. There was the clatter of an old-fashioned doorknob, and then an eerie squeak as the ancient door swung open. The smell of gasoline filled her nostrils, making her stomach churn.

Without a word, he shoved her inside the room. Instinctively, her bound hands went out in front of her. The room reeked of mold and death. When he finally removed the blindfold, Maggie couldn’t see anything. The room was so dark she couldn’t see her hand in front of her face. However, she could hear something scurrying around her feet. Her anxiety heightened to a new level not knowing where she was or who or what was with her. She would not give him the satisfaction of whimpering. She clenched her jaw tight, and tried not to think of rats