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    Yeah Coming in October! Truth or Dare

    Releases soon from Carnal Passions!

    What happens when a woman spins the bottle then accepts both challenges of the truth or dare game?
    Sheray Demsy is about to find out when she confesses that her most secret fantasy is to be seduced by a complete stranger. For her friends, it isn’t enough she tells them her desires, they dare her to experience her fantasy as well. So begins Sheray’s adventures with a stranger in the night.

    Excerpt (R rated - you must be 18 to read further)

    Smiling, she gazed at the items again, deciding to take them off the tray and arrange them for a more seductive ambiance. The roses became a centerpiece for the nightstand beside the bed, and the bowl of strawberries and can of whipped cream took center stage on the round coffee table. Fragrant bath salts were placed next to the Jacuzzi. The massage oils, condoms, and feather were artfully arranged next to the roses.

    All she needed now was her man.

    The phone rang again. She answered on the second ring. “Hello?”

    “Hi there. Are you hungry?”

    Starved. She’d forgotten about her mission to find food when other things had distracted her. “A little. What did you have in mind?”


    She laughed. “You cut right to the chase, don’t you?”

    “Guilty, but then, this is your fantasy.”

    His blunt answer gave her pause. Did she detect a bit of indignant hurt in that last statement? Had she offended him in some way? No--it wasn’t possible. They hadn’t met. Something else must have caused his irritation. The pause became awkward, so she cleared her throat. “And what is your desire?”

    “To meet the perfect woman.”

    “She doesn’t exist. No one can be perfect.”

    “You’re ruining my illusion.”

    “Sorry. It wasn’t intentional.” She played with a fold in her satin negligee, wondering how to recapture the moment. “Are you nervous? I mean, does the idea of sleeping with someone you’ve never met make you a little anxious?”

    Static from the line stretched on for a few seconds before he answered. “I know you.”

    Impossible. He couldn’t know her. Before she could refute his claim, he continued. “At least, I know the important things about you, enough to know what pleases you, what will make you cum over and over again.”

    His bold words fired her blood. “Prove it.”

    His deep laughter made the receiver hum. “Greedy girl. Did you put on the negligee? Are you in bed?”

    She fingered the satin garment again, vowing to don it as soon as he hung up.
    “Are you going to tease me all night?” Her gaze strayed to the very bed in question.

    “Tsk, tsk. Do I detect a bit of frustration in your voice?”

    “Please, Dare. Love me. Make these lusty sensations multiply.” Help me embrace this dream.

    “I’m not much of a mathematician, but I’ll rev your engine when the mood strikes.”

    The humor in his voice made her grin.

    “When?” She was tired of waiting, tired of talking.

    “Now, sweetheart.” His voice husky voice promised a sinful night. “Turn out the lights.”

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