Wow, this is doubly exciting! First that Champagne has its very own spot in Coffee Time & that I get to indulge in my favorite pasttime; chatting with readers & authors.

Here's a blurb from my latest historical romance, Flower of Passion, which was on Champagne's Top 5 Best Seller list 2 months in a row.

Aster lace w:st="on">Hamptonlace> returns home determined to overcome the nickname, Aster Disaster. Marriage isn’t part of her plan. A bride falling on her face in the church aisle wouldn’t endear her to the groom. Full of confidence she steps off the stagecoach. And runs into Adam McCallister. The collision sends them into a puddle of mud.
Adam wants a marriage based on compatibility, not love. Love reduces a man to a spineless being. Lust, though, is fine. Judging by his body’s reaction to the woman atop him in the puddle, he’s found his mate. Her fist slamming in his eye only heightens his determination to have her.
~ * ~
Sorry about not having a picture of Flower of Passion here, but I couldn't figure out how to add one. Come on over to my website and take a look.

Rose Lerma