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    That's some great info! I didn't know you could shop the other sites for the kindle. I didn't think the Mobi format would work. I guess that's one of those "We aren't advertising but..." secrets.

    I haven't had a chance to look at either up close, but the temptation of the sony being right up the road... *feels the pull*
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    Yeah Backlight

    Quote Originally Posted by daldefam View Post
    Hi Hollie,
    No offense taken. I recognize the uses of both and that is why I have them both. LOL It drives my husband crazy but well ...... who cares. LOL The one thing they are both lacking is a backlight. Did someone fall asleep when these were invented? LOL
    It drives me crazy as well, but I noticed that the devices with the backlight have to be recharged much more often than those without, so I guess there is good with the bad. I got a little booklight and just clip it on, it works.

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    I have one as well but i usually just leave a lamp on same as i dowith a book but then again The Smurf will sleep through just about anything

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    LOL - I wish I could Kindle. Somehow I don't think the wireless would work down here in NZ. Like everyone else I'd prefer more options though.

    Are you up to PAR?
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