How about a couple excerpts from my new released romantic suspense FORGOTTEN CHILDREN. Oh, and its already made the publisher best seller list. Here's a blurb and two excerpts. Therte are more at my website for all my books and some contests.


Life in the small rural town of Lawton, VA is everything you can imagine: wonderful people, beautiful vistas, and a peaceful environment to raise your family, except for one thing. The greed and vanity of a few men has exacted a heavy toll on the community, and those whose lives have been forever affected have no idea. No one knows, except Sara. In her subconscious mind, the nightmares that invade her sleep show the confusing truth and feed her fears. But she never verbalizes the haunting images to her husband. Until the true sinister nature of the clandestine EW operation is revealed and the couple is forced to struggle for their lives.
From outside the fence, Sara watched the children frolicking in the playground. She walked toward the entry and pushed, but the gate wouldn’t budge. It was her fault, she had waited too long. The hinges were rusted with neglect and age, frozen solid. She pressed with all her weight, but it was hopeless. She kicked at the fence again and again until finally it moved enough for her to squeeze onto the yard. She moved toward the merry-go-round and stopped. Something was different inside her. She reached down and rubbed the swelling in her abdomen. Finally it was there, what she wanted for so long, and she smiled. >>
With her hands resting on the bulge, she watched the children twirl on the merry-go-round. She was absorbed in their beautiful young faces, but there was something strange. As the children circled, they began to change. The laughter disappeared. Their tight skin and beaming faces morphed with each rotation, until they became wrinkled and old, the eyes pressed outward, the hair vanished, replaced by vein-tracked scalps. >>
Sara lurched away, looked down at her stomach, and then back at the wrinkled shells of bone and flesh where the children had played. She tried to call out, but there was no sound. She scanned the playground for help, but no one was there. The children were left alone to wither and die, forgotten by everyone, and she could do nothing but scream for them in silence. >>
Sara was jolted awake by the alarm clock. She stared at the ceiling and watched the vision of the playground flash like a beacon, warning of something. But what? Was it just a terrible dream? She turned off the alarm and sat up. It took several minutes to wash the images from her mind. She reached over and stroked her husband’s arm. “Time to get up.”>>
Mark grumbled as he rose, locked in a post slumber daze. Sara watched him, thinking about the dream. It was the same nightmare she’d encountered before. She opened her mouth to tell him, to share her confusion, the disturbing images, but stopped. It was just a dream, no sense upsetting him. Mark scratched his butt with both hands and shuffled to the shower. >>
In the dim morning light, she stared out the window and tried again to force out the visions that echoed in her thoughts. Damn it, stop this silliness. It’s just a dream, my imagination working overtime. >>
She stood up and headed for the kitchen. “I need a big cup of coffee.” >>
Jim knocked on the door a second time, then peered through the glass panel for any movement in the small house. He started to turn away when he saw Sandra approach. She pushed up on her toes, peeked through the glass and smiled when she recognized her visitor. He grinned when she stepped back, glanced in the mirror hanging in the entry way, fluffed her hair several times, then returned to open the door.
“What in the world are you doing here this time of night? I’m a mess. I just took off my makeup, and I’m in my nightgown.”
“Sorry, Sandra, but I really need to talk to you, and you still look beautiful to me. I really mean that. Can I come in?”>>
The attractive woman with the long auburn hair smiled and stepped back from the door. “Sure, I’ll make us some coffee, but we have to be quiet. Little Julie is asleep.”>>
He stepped through the door, reached out and pulled her to him, and wrapped his arms around her. “You really smell good, sweetheart.”>>
When he released her, Sandra canted her head. “What has gotten into you tonight?”>>
“I’ve been thinking about you, and me, and little Julie. Do you ever consider us? I mean, do you think it’s possible for you and I to have a committed relationship?”>>
Sandra plopped down on the couch. Her expression shifted from a quirky smile to something else. It was as if she were dazed by what she just heard. He noticed her lips quiver slightly before she looked down at the oval rug on the floor. Then he realized, she had considered that very question, but hid it from the only man she’d been dating for the last two years. No, she never hid it, it was him. He was blinded by his own selfishness, refused to see what was right there on her face, in her kiss, in the way she made love. >>
When she raised her head, there were tears in her eyes, and an unfamiliar sensation rushed into his chest. As Mark’s words from earlier tonight buzzed in his head, and stung his conscience, it was like something was compressing his heart. The words hammered the truth of what he’d done, how he played with Sandra’s emotions. No, not just her, but the hearts of all the women he’d dated. He never considered how they felt, what they wanted in the relationship. They reached out and offered their unique gift for him to treasure, but he cast it aside. His neck muscles tightened as he recognized the trail of broken hearts he had left behind. And it hurt, like his guts were being ripped apart. It hurt bad.>>
Jim stared at the results of his callous behavior, watched the tears crawl down the face of a woman that had loved him, that had offered her heart to just this one man and had been ignored. In that instant, he felt shame for all the dreams he had discounted from all the women he used, but especially from this one, the very woman he knew he could trust forever. He cleared his throat, reached for Sandra’s tiny hands, pulled her gently to her feet, and wiped the moisture from her face. >>
“I’m not going to lie to you. I’ve been around. But lately, even when I’ve been with someone, I’m not really there. At night, I think a lot about being alone. It used to be okay, but not anymore. I’ve tried to figure out what it is that I really want, where do I see my life headed, and the answer always comes back the same. It screams at me as I lie there in bed, or when I’m driving, or anytime I’m alone. It’s you. The same answer hits me again and again, I only want you, and your wonderful daughter.”>>
“What are you saying, Jim? Is have to be clear with me, please.”>>
“Okay, here goes. I want the three of us to become a family. I want you to be the only one in my life, forever, and I want the two of us to have a child. I will love Julie as my own, I swear, but I want to bring someone into this world that comes from the two us. And I promise, I will never stray, I will focus on you and you alone. I know I’ve been with a lot of women, but this is different. I want you and no one else, Sandra.”>>
“So this is a proposal, right? You’re not playing with me. This is for real?”>>
“Yes, this is real, and I will never play with your feelings, ever again. I’ll cherish each moment we have, and I’ll always be loyal. You never have to worry about that, never. I’ll work hard each day to raise you above the clouds and fill your life with sunshine. Together, we’ll soar beyond all the pain and sorrow, and be complete, not as two, but as one. I’m sorry. I know that sound’s corny, but I mean it. What do you say? Will you please trust me, and be my wife?” >>
As tears again formed in her eyes, she reached across and softly stroked his face. “No, it sounds wonderful. I mean, yes. I’ll marry you, because I love you. I have for a long time; I just didn’t know if you felt the same. Now, is there something you want to give me?”>>
Jim reached across and kissed her.>>
“That’s real nice, but I was thinking about something more aligned for here.” Sandra pointed to the finger on her left hand.>>
“Shit. I’ve been thinking so much about how to ask you to marry me, I forgot about the ring. I’m not playing with you. I wouldn’t do that, I honestly forgot.”>>
“It’s okay, but let’s not tell anyone until I get that ring. And for forgetting that important detail, you have to propose to me again with the ring, and see if you can toss in an ‘I love you’ or two.”>>
“I can do that. I’ll go by the jewelry store tomorrow, and I’ll be back, I promise. I won’t even tell Mark until I get the ring. Guess I better leave and let you get to bed.”>>
Sandra grinned. “No, just stay here tonight. That way I can make sure you don’t change your mind and ask someone else.”>>
Jim smiled. “Oh, that was cruel, but I’m sure I deserved it.” >>
Sandra took Jim by the hand and led him into the bedroom, but tonight, it was different. He no longer felt isolated, separated from the world. Now he felt at peace, complete, as if his spirit was bonded to that of another human being. All his fears were gone. His apprehension to give everything he was, everything he felt, to someone else had disappeared. The loneliness was pushed aside, and in its place, he sensed a new emotion: belonging. He could trust this woman, to love him, care for him. She would never seek another, abandon him. They would be together forever, bound to each other, and it felt right. >>