EP: Dana Littlejohn has a twisted fairy tale just released from Eternal Press. We've pulled her off the beach to talk with us about Surge and Raine: A Merman’s Tale. Welcome Dana.

Dana: Thanks for having me.

EP: I absolutely love the line, " Warning: this ain’t your mother’s Little Mermaid!" That alone makes it worth buying. LOL! So tell us why?

Dana: Thanks! I wanted it to be an eye catcher and let the people know fro the start that it would be a twist on the Little Mermaid, but when I "twisted" it I really twisted it. It is no longer the soft fairy tale it used to be.

EP: Surge and Raine has a heat rating of only two flames. Would you recommend this story for young adult readers? Why or why not?

Dana: No, I only write for adults. The heat rating may be only two flames, but my love scenes are meant to give you ideas to build upon. The ideas I'm trying to build in ones mind should only build in an adult mind because they are ready for it.

EP: So, who is Surge and who is Raine?

Dana: Surge is the prince of the oceans, grandson of Lord Poseidon and aire to the throne. Raine is a woman he met on his many trips to the surface and fell in love with.

EP: Do you have any other stories featuring these two characters and will we see more of them in the future?

Dana: No, they are exclusive to this story.

EP: Who is this Poseidon guy? I've heard of him somewhere...Greek mythology perhaps? Is he important to the story?

Dana: Yes, Poseidon is the same Greek god of the oceans we all know. He laid the foundation to their society many years ago.

EP: Did you enjoy swimming as a kid? Where does this interest in mermen come from? Did you have to do a lot of research?

Dana: I'm one of those people that get in the water no higher than my waist, splash around a little to cool off and get out. I don't swim, but I can do a decent dog paddle. LOL I grew up by the ocean all of my life until I was almost thirty. I love the ocean and the story the Little Mermaid. As I started writing erotic romances I wondered if I could turn that story into an erotic romance, but my son said to me one day, "why not change it a little and make it your own." After his comment Surge and Raine was born.

EP: What's your impression of the cover art? Did you get any input on what it looks like?

Dana: Yes, I had imput on my cover and it looks exactly the way I wanted. I love it!

EP: Is there anything I haven't brought up that you feel is important to talk about?

Dana: You will find that this story follows the same basic outline of the Little Mermaid, but it is taking place in a contemporary format with just a touch of fantasy.

EP: Thanks for stopping in (and not kicking sand in my face). Before you jump back in the ocean, Please tell us where we can find more info on you and your stories. Webpage? Book trailer? Blogs? Writer hangouts? Myspace? Goodreads?

Dana: Thanks for coming by. Feel free to stop by my websites, www.danalittlejohn.net and www.freewebs.com/liljohndana . I also have a myspace, www.myspace.com/liljohndana

Dana Littlejohn
Author of sensual erotic romance.

You can find Dana at Eternal Press here: http://www.eternalpress.ca/Littlejohn.html

Surge and Raine
A Merman’s Tale
Dana Littlejohn
Short story: 11,000 words $2.95 Heat Level: 2 flames

A twisted fairy tale. Warning: this ain’t your mother’s Little Mermaid!
The time has come for Poseidon's grandson Surge to rule the oceans and the seven seas. Flouting his grandfather's one rule, Surge leaves the depths of ocean to visit the surface, where he instantly falls in love with the beautiful Raine Foster. Raine's life is in danger, but he’s helpless to come to her rescue on dry land. Will Surge find a way to save his true love, or are these lovers from opposite worlds destined to be apart forever?

Poseidon’s robes vanished in a flash of light. Surge looked over the powerfully built body his father once had. It was of a dark sand color, with muscular arms and shoulders. The trunk was deeply defined and the legs were long and lean with an appendage floating between them that spanned at least six inches. The robes returned and Surge smiled.
“Lord Poseidon, I ask for the body of my father before you changed him, so that I can go to the surface and rescue the woman I love.”
“Your duty is to your people. You are to take a mate and the throne from your father in three days.”
“My lord, I have found no one in my realm that pleases me as this human does. She is who I want for my mate.”
“Surge, I will give you the body of your father, but you will only have it for two days to use. Go find this human and convince her to return to the sea with you. In two days time your tail will return…no matter where you are.” He looked into his grandson’s stunned face. “Do you understand the risks?”
Surge nodded.
“Once done it will not be undone until the two days is up, is this human worth it?”
“I love her, my lord. I’ll take the risk.”
“So be it.”