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    Default Stranger in Town

    Giselle sat on the bus with her handbag clutched like a security blanket to her chest, cast a quick glance around her and still hoped to find something or somebody that looked familiar. When she looked out the bus window, this city looked strange in more ways than one. Pumpkins, ghosts, vampires and witches adorned windows and street corners. Obviously it was Halloween and whether this was a holiday she liked or not, she hadn’t a clue. If not for the expensive, gold bracelet on her thin wrist with “Giselle” engraved on it, she wouldn’t even have known her name. She smiled slightly, not failing to notice the admiring look she got from a handsome man with thick black hair sitting across from her.
    She shifted uncomfortably and looked away. The feeling of being followed was stronger than ever and some instinct warned her to avoid contacting the police. Only an hour ago she had discovered the only hopeful clue to her unknown life in a zippered compartment inside her purse…a small note that read: “October 1...Gibson Department Store. 2:00 pm, Washington Street. Meet with Katherine Porter, Human Resource. Job in the bag!!!!” Apparently, she had an interview today, but for what? She peered at her purse curiously and knew it was a designer purse, one of those that cost more than most people’s family vacations. No wallet or any ID’s inside though, only a small gold key. Luckily, when she woke up last night on a bench in the train station, she’d found a wad of money in her jacket.
    Adrenaline shot through Anthony Cataldo’s body as the bus stopped at Washington Street. “Gibson Department Store, here I come!” he said, then bolted to the front of the bus, slamming into the blond he’d been admiring the whole trip. Seems like she was in as big a rush as he was. He checked out her Donna Karon belted jacket that fit her like a million bucks. Whoever she was, she had good taste!
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