Sarah nodded, wiping away tears. “Maura is no more. We must leave now.” Silently she watched the last of Maura, now turned into erratically floating ashes fly into the starry sky and disappear. Why had she chosen the dark side when everything she truly loved and wanted resided in the light? I’d witnessed the good in her eyes so many times. Why, Maura, Why?
Giselle felt a strange mix of relief and sadness from this horrible ending to the girl she’d shared so many dreams. She sighed. “This is my world, Sarah. So much of who I am is in this place.” She lowered her eyes and looked up at Anthony, tears spilling our freely. “But it is not your world, Tony and I could never ask you to stay here.” She took the ring off her finger and placed it in his hand.
“Giselle,” Tony began but stopped when a portal appeared feet away from them.
“Hurry,” Sarah said. “The death of Maura caused something to happen, a rip in time…I’m not sure…but I fear a change has occurred. I do not know if we can continue to travel back and forth as we have. You two must make a decision.”
Tony picked Giselle’s hands and held them tightly. “I will never leave you. I could never live without you. Don’t you understand that by now?”
Giselle’s lips found Tony’s and desire, love and a connecting of souls assailed her entire being. “Oh, my darling.” She held him hard against her and allowed her tears to flow for the only man she would ever love.
The portal began twirling and flickering. “We must leave. Decide your fates and do it quickly,” Sarah screamed.
Giselle held Tony’s hand and smiled. “I’m not going anywhere without you, my love.” But in a confusion of lights, flashes and odd vibrations, their hands separated. Giselle ran after Sarah, seeing too late that Tony had not followed and remained in 1897. The portal closed, dropping Giselle and Sarah in present day Gibson’s. For hours Sarah and Giselle tried every spell, incantation and magic they could muster, but to no avail. “I’m sorry,” Sarah said. “Nothing is working.”
Giselle closed her eyes and refused to believe that the love she’d discovered could disappear forever. She knelt on the Oriental rug in Tony’s office and remembered his face, his touch, his scent, and their passionate kisses. She rubbed the empty spot on her finger where she’d worn her ring. “Tony, you will come back to me.”
In that second of remembrance, as her soul felt the ring as though it still connected the two lovers, the small office began to expand and contract. A rainbow of colors and lights embraced the room and……“Tony!” Giselle ran into his arms, touching him, smothering him with kisses. “Are you really here?”
Sarah held him to her chest. “How did you get back, Anthony?”
“Love.” Eyes bright with tears, Tony ran his fingers through his hair. “Nan’s love that’s carried me through life and…” He picked up Giselle’s hand and slid the ring on her finger. “Your love, stronger than any force.” He looked at both women, strong and beautiful. “And Maura’s.”
“Maura’s?” Giselle and Sarah said.
Tony nodded. “Some time after the portal closed, I saw a small spark of light that floated, sort of like a butterfly, and landed on the ring I still clutched. I heard Maura’s voice, whispering. Go to her. You always belonged to her. “Nan, the good inside her was strong enough to survive and to help bring me back.”
The door opened and a petite brunette bustled in. “Look, we’ve got a whole production crew out there to film this Gibson marriage thing. You guys ready to become husband and wife or not?”
“Think we’re ready?” Tony smiled.
Giselle waved her ring finger. “One step ahead of you. Husband.”