You Should Become a Soulful Sex Partner!

Have you ever wanted to write a romance? Got some good ideas you wish an author would use? Do you have a favorite genre, a name you think would be great for a character, a plot line you think could be interesting?

Author Diana Laurence is looking for you!

Diana, author of the award winning, bestselling “Soulful Sex” anthologies, is kicking off a new project this spring that will be something totally new for romance fiction fans. She calls it “Soulful Sex: Partners,” and here’s how it works: For Diana’s next book, which she plans to start writing in March, she will incorporate the participation of anyone interested in being involved in the creative process. Readers who sign on as Soulful Sex Partners will be invited to take part in polls, discussions, and the like, to assist Diana as she creates her new spicy romance novella.

Diana plans to conduct polls to determine the book’s genre, main theme, locations, characters, etc. Partners will also have input by emailing her directly, posting to the Soulful Sex Partners blog, or participating in chats.

When the book is done and published by Living Beyond Reality Press, all SS Partners will appear in the Acknowledgments.

Romance fans can join Soulful Sex Partners by signing up for the Yahoo group They’ll be notified of any activities happening with the group and can participate as much or as little as they wish. Meanwhile, they can also follow the saga of the book’s creation in a Diana’s “Soulful Sex: Partners” blog,

Signed on so far to support the project by being Soulful Sex Website Partners are prominent websites, Coffee Time Romance, Novelspot and The Romance Studio. Diana hopes to get the biggest possible team of readers signed up as SS Partners to make the process as fun as possible, and also create a book that will have appeal to the largest number of readers.

Meanwhile, Diana is running a contest for all new Partners signing up in January...she will hold a drawing to choose the winner of his/her choice of any book available from the Living Beyond Reality Press Bookstore.

Says Diana, “This is an experiment to attempt something that I don’t believe has been done before. I don’t know what to expect, except that we’ll have a great time writing a great book!”