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    Default A Cradle-Robbing Christmas

    It's perhaps a wee bit early to announce a Christmas release but what the hey... My third (and probably final) Older Woman/Younger Man book is coming out with Liquid Silver Books, A Cradle-Robbing Christmas.

    Blurb below!


    Gillian McKutcheon is a successful businesswoman, driven, affluent and ambitious. She makes money, not mistakes, and takes pride in delivering the perfect Christmas for her son and the clients of her catering business. Then a potential mistake presents itself in the form of her son’s friend and former soccer teammate, Logan Chase - a jaw-droppingly hot mistake.

    Forbidden. Wrong. Unnatural. That’s what it’s called when you make love to your son’s friend under the Christmas tree until dawn. But nothing about this holiday has been traditional yet, so maybe a cradle-robbing Christmas is exactly what Santa ordered...
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    This sounds interesting. I can't wait to read more about it.
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    Ha ha, I'll post an excerpt soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Veronica Wilde View Post
    Ha ha, I'll post an excerpt soon.
    That would be great Veronica.

    The blurb sounds good and I'd like to learn more on the book.

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    I like the sound of this

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    Default Excerpt 1

    Excerpt from A Cradle-Robbing Christmas

    Okay. She would go downstairs, make the cocoa, have the kind of pleasant chat you had with your son’s friends, then send him home. Then she’d banish this temporary hormonal slip into insanity from her memory. Probably his reason for dawdling was his own blood alcohol level; maybe he had been drinking too tonight and wanted to sober up before going home. Yes, that had to be it. Gillian dusted on some light makeup, enough to banish her midnight pallor, and hurried downstairs. The last conclusion she wanted Logan to draw was that she’d been upstairs primping for him.

    The kitchen was empty. She stared around its sparkling tiles with disappointment, genuinely surprised that he had left.

    Then a soft song began to play from the living room. She walked in the other room to find Logan waiting for her on the sofa. He had kept the room dark, except for the tiny lights of the Christmas tree, and turned on the stereo. The electric glow of the tree emphasized his long-lashed eyes and firm jaw, making him look very gorgeous and very young. In his dark green jersey and jeans, he looked exactly like the college kid he was. Compared to the middle-aged male clients she saw every day, his dark hair seemed so thick and lustrous, his body muscled and hard.

    “I thought you left,” she said, feeling foolish.

    “And miss my hot chocolate? No way.”

    The double meaning stretched across his naughty grin was unmistakable. Okay. What she should really do, if she was a responsible and respectable mother, was yawn loudly and tell him that she suddenly felt very tired and should get to bed. Tomorrow night at the Christmas Eve party, she’d treat him just like any other friend of Zach’s and forget she’d entertained sexual thoughts about him for even one minute.

    The problem was, she didn’t want to be responsible and respectable. She wanted to seduce and be seduced, to have a handsome young man undress her here in the glow of the Christmas tree and put his hands all over her body. What a fantasy that would be, his tight twenty-one-year-old body like a beautiful toy to play with all night long.

    She took a deep breath and returned his smile. “Coming right up.”

    He followed her back into the kitchen. She regretted this; she knew the closer he was to her, the more foolish her decisions would be. She decided the best thing to do would be to treat him like a boy.

    “So tell me about school,” she requested in a bright voice that didn’t sound like her own as she took two mugs out of the cupboard. “What’s your major again? I know you’re a junior.”

    “Business. I’m actually a senior now since I’m going through on an accelerated program. Wait, so you really are making hot chocolate? I thought that was a joke.”

    She stared at him. “What do you have against cocoa? My god, I have never seen anyone with such a complex over a simple beverage.”

    “No, it’s fine. I just thought, you know, we could have wine or something.” He gave her a meaningful look.

    She returned it with a skeptical look of her own. “Wine? After you’ve been drinking tonight and still have to drive home?”

    “Am I driving home?” He glanced down at the floor, then looked shyly up at her.

    Well, that was audacious. She turned back to the mugs, her cheeks burning. “If you’re too drunk to drive, you can sleep on the couch.” Her prim tone didn’t fool either of them but she wasn’t ready to articulate the true agenda floating beneath their words.

    “Awesome,” he said casually. “Wine it is.”

    Well, he was certainly persistent, she thought as she removed two wine glasses from the sideboard. Maybe this was better; she could always say later that she’d been drinking when she let him kiss her. She could say it was the wine that made her unzip his pants and take out his young, hard cock to play with it like the ultimate Christmas gift…

    She searched for a bottle from her favorite Napa Valley winery. “So tell me about school,” she said before remembering that she’d already said that. “Do you live in the dorm or an off campus apartment?”

    “Apartment. I’m a little old for the dorms. What kind of sweater is that? Cashmere?”

    “Yes,” she said, caught off guard by the abrupt change of topic. Then Logan flustered her further by coming around the counter and picking up the waist of her sweater. He rubbed the fabric between his fingers.

    “Nice. I always wondered what cashmere felt like.”

    Please stop touching me, kid, or you’ll get more than you bargained for. But of course she knew her desire was exactly what he was bargaining for. Logan had exhibited determination, ambition and patience even back in high school so why was she surprised that he was so locked on target now? Was it because she was the target? She knew she was a pretty woman – it wasn’t as if the married men of Oak Falls let her forget it. But those were balding, paunchy men. This was an athletic twenty-one-year-old who could have any girl he wanted.

    She looked up at his perfect skin and gorgeous mouth. Did Logan know how beautiful he was? She hadn’t known when she was young. Back then she took her flawless skin and firm muscle tone for granted. Now she had to work at it with eye cream and exercise classes. She dropped her eyes and found herself looking at his hard, taut chest.

    Logan backed her against the counter, an unmistakable look of fevered determination in his eyes. Oh God, this was really happening.

    “I’ve had a crush on you since I was sixteen years old,” he said.

    Her blood soared up to her head with the swift heat of a missile. She sucked in her breath, feeling her whole body turn hot and tremble.

    “Logan – we shouldn’t – you shouldn’t be saying these things,” she stammered.

    Still he came in closer with that imploring gaze. “Mrs. McKutcheon…”

    “For god’s sake, Logan, if you’re going to make a pass at me, call me Gillian!”

    He slid his fingertips just beneath her sweater. The cold feel of his fingers on her bare skin made her heart jump.

    “I never would have done this while you were married, but you’re divorced now,” he said.

    She laughed shakily. The entire conversation was surreal, like a drug trip or a crazy dream. Was one of Zach’s friends actually persuading her to have sex with him?

    “Divorced or married, I’m still old enough to be your mom,” she said with a righteousness she didn’t really feel. It seemed important to make the requisite denials and excuses. She just couldn’t seduce one of Zach’s friends. Or be seduced by, if that was what was happening. The entire idea seemed like some tawdry escapade she’d see on a daytime talk show – and one of the really sleazy ones to boot.

    His eyes beseeched hers. The adoration in them was real, she saw – sudden and inexplicable as this was, he was looking at her with an urgent infatuation she hadn’t seen in any man’s eyes since losing her virginity to Danny in high school. “Hardly,” he said. “You’re what, in your early thirties…”

    “I’ll be thirty-seven in February, Logan, and you’re barely twenty-one.” She made her voice hard and skeptical to suggest the outrage she wished she could feel. “And … you’re my son’s friend.”

    “And what else?”


    “What are your other reasons for rejecting me?”

    She tried dizzily to think. “Well, people would talk for one and it would make Zach furious and disgusted and I would lose my reputation and…” He ran a finger down the dip of her stomach. “For God’s sake, don’t touch me,” she whispered.

    He leaned closer until his mouth was almost touching hers. “Keep going. What other reasons?”

    Her nerves were screaming for physical contact. “Well, I would be taking advantage of you – of your youth – and you, you would be using me for sex, and… um…” Her mind frantically ran through all of the clichés.

    “And you’re not attracted to me?”


    “It’s the one reason you haven’t given. That you’re not attracted to me.”

    She blushed hard. “I…”

    “Say it. Say that you look at me as just a kid and you don’t think of me that way.”

    She bit her lip. Every inch of her body felt so exquisitely sensitive, her breasts swollen and aching to be touched. “You’re… you’re a kid. I don’t think of you that way.”

    “Liar,” he said and kissed her.

    A billowing desire swelled through her, overwhelming as a roar. Everything around her faded to leave only this one heady sensation of his hot sweet mouth moving on hers, his lips branding hers with a passion that incinerated her every sexual experience to that point. All thoughts of age and rules and social propriety fell away as he lightly traced her breasts through the cashmere. Logan kissed her with riveting skill, the delicate dance of his tongue drawing her into a vortex of desire from which there was no turning back...
    Veronica Wilde
    Hollywood Ghosts - out now from Liquid Silver Books!

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