Usually I put these in the Announcements section, lol, but I wanted to put it here today. I'll be announcing this tomorrow on my blog, bu I always like to share with you guys first. :-)

As many of you may know, I used a different cover designer on the last two books of my Alex & Fiona series than I did on the first one. I've never really "liked" the cover to A Midnight Infatuation... much less loved it like the last two.

Sooooo, I've been working with the artist and cover designer of the last two to come up with a brand spanking new cover for a re-release of A Midnight Infatuation!!!

It will take a few weeks for the new cover to trickle its way down through the book-selling systems and start showing up on bookstore sites, but the cover will be available immediately on my site. And it will be the one you get if you order all three during my sale in November.

So, here it is! The drawing was by the same artist as the other two and the design is from the same cover designer. It really makes this a "set."

What do you think?