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    Quote Originally Posted by Kim Smith View Post
    Forgive my utter Americanism... but what is clotted cream? I love tea of all types, coffee too, and yes, if i had to choose I would probably choose coffee, but tea definitely is up there! My fav would be a good hearty Earl Grey.

    So glad you asked about the clotted cream. I'm sooo American too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shelley Munro View Post
    First of all - do you drink tea? Or are you a coffee person?

    I'm both - coffee in the morning, tea for the rest of the day... I like my coffee black, with plenty of Splenda or Stevia (I have quite a sweet tooth). I don't mind having it with milk -in fact, sometimes I add coffee mate-, but I'd rather drink it black. I adore flavored/scented coffees, being Vanilla and Coconut my top loves. (I may cheat a bit, and add extracts to my just-brewed coffee mug!)

    Quote Originally Posted by Shelley Munro View Post
    What is your favorite way to drink tea?
    I'm not fussy...I like it HOT and sweet, and if it's Lipton Yellow Label tea, it just HAS to have some milk. I love drinking that at night before beddy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shelley Munro View Post
    What is your favorite thing to eat with your tea or coffee?

    Crackers! Heh, hot beverages and cookies go hand in hand for me.

    Now a question: Which tea flavor/brands are your favorites? Mine's Lipton Yellow Label (to drink with milk), and Celestial Seasonings. I also enjoy Bigelow's Pomegranate one.
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    Hi Daniella,

    We have Bell Tea down here in New Zealand and they blend their own teas to sell in the supermarkets. I've been enjoying their Kenya Bold and their new Indian blend. They're both very drinkable.

    I also like Lady Grey tea. For some reason I've gone right off Earl Grey.

    Ginger tea is delicious and although it's not really tea, I've been drinking a lot of cranberry tea recently.


    PS - cookies are good for an occasion.
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