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    Welcome to the Writing Historical Romance seminar. We are so delighted you have joined us and are really looking forward to working with each of you. We hope you will come away with some useful information, a new insight, or just have a lot of fun while we explore the ins and outs of historical romance.

    To begin, I wanted to tell you that there are a couple of "sticky" notes at the top of the threads that have the agenda for the week and a little bit about each one of us, if you want to go back and refer to them later. Included also are the procedures, but I'll restate them here:

    THE PROCEDURES: The seminar will start at 8am and finish at 6pm (Pacific Time) each day, but you are welcome to post at any time that is convenient for you. Two of us are on the west coast and one is on the east coast, so someone should be available to answer questions throughout the day. Please post only under the discussion topic after you’ve read the article. That way we can keep everyone in the same area. Sunday the 12th and Saturday the 18th will be days just for intros and wrapping up, but the rest of the days will follow this format:
    1. DAILY ARTICLES - We will post an article about each main topic for everyone to read and review. These will be full of information, tips, and tricks and can be printed or saved for later review.
    2. DAILY DISCUSSION QUESTIONS – After the article, we will post discussion question(s) for the group. Feel free to contribute to these with questions, comments, or your own references…anything we can share together will really benefit the group. The discussion will be opened throughout the day for posts.
    3. DAILY ASSIGNMENTS - There will also be daily assignments. Once you’ve completed an assignment, send it to and it will be attached to an “Assignment” post for that day so everyone can see. If you don’t want your assignment attached, then just let me know when you send it to me.
    4. DAILY POLLS - Also posted will be a poll about the subject. Please make sure to participate. These will be great fun!
    5. DAILY PRIZES - We’ll also list the prizes for that day and tell you how you can win them at the beginning of the day. Drawings will take place at the end of each day.

    This is your seminar, so please make sure to ask lots of questions as we go along. The only rules are to be kind to each other and not monopolize the posts – everything else is fair game. We will do our best to answer all questions, however, manuscript specific questions can take a long time, and we want to make sure the seminar moves for everyone. Please keep your questions general, if you can. If you want to send extensive questions to us, we can do that with you over email. ALSO, MAKE SURE TO ENTER THE CONTESTS MONDAY-FRIDAY AND PARTICIPATE IN THE POLLS! This is your chance to win free books and prizes, so don’t forget.

    GRAND PRIZE AT END OF SEMINAR: One lucky participant will be selected on Saturday for the seminar grand prize at the end of the week; a $25.00 Coffeetime Romance Bookstore Gift Certificate.
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